Heart of Chaos
Heart of Chaos  fire stories

gothicredneck The Wanderer
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In chaotic times, sometimes the answers are revealed.

Heart of Chaos

The mountain - once, I invited the idea To travel in your presence. Once, we walked The same path, held our common goals, our Spirits Did. Surely, that explained my excessive Dedication pouring from my body. It Was tossed aside.

The Mountain - now, a monument of my grand Inability to recognize that my Eyes were blind, that my productivity was Wasted, that our journey's goals were doomed to End in fire.

Our very core values deteriorated In the heart of the chaos. In that pit, we lost your structure. But, we will rebuild.

Now, I must look to my own path. The wild calls, and I will answer. Learn, adapt, and grow are the tasks Set before me.

In the Heart of Chaos, I found my calling.

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