Begin to Walk
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gothicredneck The Wanderer
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It's been a long year, and we're still braving the left overs. We can still draw inspiration and hope for what's to come.

Begin to Walk

Throughout this lonely year, I realized that I never confronted you. Floods of excuses came To keep me from that important mile marker.

I was afraid. Changing the environment, the status quo, To embrace an unknown (despite calculating What could happen) Always terrified me. I wanted routine Predictable patterns For safety.

To know each day Before it would unfold Was comforting.

Foolish. The flood gates opened without my permission. Change shone its light. And all those dormant little itches, Those inklings of old battles Not completed Came to a head.

I know how far I’ve come; I also understand how long the path now is. Only now can I truly begin to walk.

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