Weird People Talking Rules, Expectations, and stuff
Weird People Talking Rules, Expectations, and stuff weridpeopletalking stories

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Weird People Talking Rules, Expectations, and stuff

These are rules and expectations and stuff I want you to follow and know.

1. be kind to me and the people I interview when you comment. And be kind to me when I DM you. which includes when we have different opinions.

2. When we chat I will copy and paste what we say to each other. But I will edit it a little bit so it makes sense or it's shorter.

3. If I chat with you and you don't answer for a while I won't work on the interview until you answer my question

3. I usually have 2-5 people chatting with me at a time so if I text you the wrong thing, please understand.

4. If you are busy I understand so I expect you to understand if I'm busy.

6. The wait time till you get an interview will change from day to day.For example, one day I will get 2 done but the next I won't get any done. so don't get mad

7. when I tell you what place in line your in, its not for sure. You might be busy so I'll do a different person. So if I say your next I might have to change it to second or third.

8. I promise I will get to everyone. It might take longer to get to you but there is still a chance to go sooner

9. Use common sense! I don't want to talk about stuff that is inappropriate. I am fine if we are cursing but I will have to put a warning on the interview.

10. Just be weird and honest

I can't think of anything else right now so I might add some rules.

I'll let y'all know when I add some new rules.

Please follow them. If you don't you won't be apart of my show.

k bye!

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