Weird People talking part 5?
Weird People talking part 5? weridpeopletalking stories

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@wafflecatz did this with me. We went past the time limit by a little bit so this will be longer.

Weird People talking part 5?



do you know what part I'm on cause I have no idea

episode five

okay thanks

(scrolling to find the last episode lol)no problem!

The first question is Why do they say ‘like taking candy from a baby’ when babies tend to be greedy with candy? Wouldn’t it be easier to take money from a baby?

Well, I think that if a baby is greedy with candy, it would be greedy with money too.

Unless it doesn't know what money is, but they don't truly know what candy is either

They just know it's a sweet tasty thing

I think they say it because babies are easy to steal from. not saying that I have stolen from a baby! *Starts sweating*

That's worrying lol. However, if they are greedy and want something much, they will be less likely to just give it up

true true. Anyway, the next question is Why is it that when people are asked what they would bring to a deserted island, they never answer ‘a boat’?

I would say the first thing they think of is survival, but they'll probably die on that island if they don't have a boat to get off of it. And none of them probably know how to steer a boat anyway lol

I know how to steal a boat. But I think it's because we be stupid and don't think smart when we get hit with a random question.

OMG it said steal


oh no

I meant steer

Well, you have appeared to steal from babies before lol

Boats would be harder, but maybe

The closest to stealing a boat I have ever gotten was when I was driving my grandpa's boat and I thought about running away with it and selling it. But I never did it.

If you see stealing as "borrowing and never returning" then you probably would have stolen that boat lol

Is the sea salty because the shore never waves back?

No. Maybe the sea just isn't a people person

or the sea doesn't have feelings and isn't alive. (I meant the water, not the animals)

It has enough feelings to wave in the first place

Maybe no more though

Anyway, The next question is What do you call a male ladybug?

A gentleman

I would've said boy bug

Probably a better answer than mine.

no. That would get confusing if you said I saw a boy bug yesterday. It would sound like you saw a boy or just a male bug

That is true.

This might be the last question

What does ‘ok’ actually mean?

Consent or Approval.

*trying to look up words that start with o*

Octopus Kicks. that's my answer


when we say OK we are actually saying octopus kicks now

but what if you say "okay"


Octopus kicks apples yellow

Octopus kicks are yellow

They kick them so hard they turn yellow?


OK actually means oll korrect (I didn't spell that wrong)

I like Octopus kicks better

Me too

well that's all the time we have left

Have a nice day or night!

you too

This is Milly signing off!

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