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Weird People Talking Episode something

Welcome to Weird People Talking, papaya_grl619!!

Hello! Thanks for having me!

okay, the first question is What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

Hmm... I hate those little ponytail holders for little girls with the plastic balls on them. Those things used to hurt so bad and they look weird. I’d destroy those.

I don't know what those are. but I would destroy mechanical pencils. They keep breaking!! (I felt bad not knowing what those things are, and I still do. This proves I'm still learning!)

Those ponytail holders might be a black girl thing. I hated those, cause they’d beat the shit out of your forehead. Maybe people reading this will know what I’m talking about. As for the mechanical pencils, I love them. Wooden pencils annoy me. They look menacing.

To be honest all pencils are evil!!

They’re so stuck up! Like, we get it, you’re number two! No one cares!


I hope their smug little pencil faces burn.


Yes! We can start a mechanical pencil cult and sacrifice the wooden pencils!


The next question is What’s the best Wi-Fi name you’ve seen?

It’s in my neighborhood, but it’s “hide your children, hide your WiFi”

It’s beautiful.

I really like that one! The best one I have ever seen is "It's weird here"

That’s a good one, too!

Totally random question coming your way

What do you think of garden gnomes?

I’m not a gnelf. I’m not a gnoblin. I’m a Gnome! And you’ve been GNOMED!!


I think they are creepy. I already feel like someone watching me at night so I don't want to feel that in the morning. I would kill the gnomes if I could. I would also kill the word It's too hard to spell it.

Some of them are little demons, but most of them are adorable! You just got to find the right ones!


Anyway, the next question is What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money?

I’ll throw money away. I’ll become an amazing thief and be the next Robin Hood. My slogan? “I’m Robin Hood"

I would throw away love. I want to be an evil queen.


Like the Queen of Hearts! Love that her! She my homegirl!

Anyway, the next question is if you had three extra siblings, what would be your birth order and what personalities would you like them to have?

I already have three siblings! I’m the oldest! I can barely make it through one day without a headache, so I’d make all of my new siblings quiet af, respectful, and responsible. That’s all I want. I’d stay the oldest, though. a minute ago

I only have a younger sibling and he's enough, but if I had to have more siblings I would make them obedient and very smart but not so smart that they know whats a trick and a scam

You’re lucky. I love having siblings, but I hate the noise that comes with it. They’re all so loud.

yes and yes

last question. If a piece of gum is 10 calories, does that include just the chewing, or if you swallow it, too?

I think the flavor is what makes it ten calories, so I’d say chewing. I know you’re supposed to ask the questions, but I need to know the story behind your bio. “The floor attacked me today”.

It's because I fall on the floor all the time. In real life, I'm a huge klutz. and I'm sick of answering the question what did you do and I always fall down on the floor so I say I fell on the floor

Lmao. Now I know if I ever do a remake of Twilight, you’ll be Bella. The clumsy bastard lied and said she fell down two flights of stairs and went through a window, and her parents believed her. What a weirdo.

I haven't watched twilight

its terrible so your not missing much... Edward’s a stalker, Jacob has no boundaries, and Bella’s an idiot. The relationships are super abusive.

That's all the time we have

Alrighty! Thanks for having me!

This is Milly signing off!

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