The Queer Pose
The Queer Pose loki stories

gory_wolf For all time always!
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just me talking about queer characters. And loki once I got to loki I wouldn't stop talking sorry.

The Queer Pose

This is just a joke and something I noticed.

So really every queer character does this pose.

1st Amity (yes she gay! She kisses Luz!)

2. Catra!

3 Peral!

4 forgot her name

now you might be thinking "well that's just lesbians so it's the lesbian pose." But Loki does it too!

Loki isn't lesbain. Loki is bisexual (tho that's toning him down a lot) and genderfluid (Loki's genderfluidy and bisexuality has been confirmed. tho they didn't present it right. Loki hasn't been a girl (Sylvie don't count) and In the credits, it says "Sex: Fluid" Gender isn't sex but whatever.)

LOKI IS A PART OF THIS SEE!! (next slide)

Okay fine this is president Loki but a Loki is a Loki but Sylvie Sylvie can be whatever she wants to be. Even tho she's a loki. Sylvie is cool. I like her.

And then our normal loki short of does it

Then a fan drew her doing it but I lost the pic and the actress does it but I also lost the Pic... oops

But you get my point.

This is the queer pose.

Want more proof

I do it all the time when I have knifes in my hands (it makes me feel powerful)

Okay i'm don't talking

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