This Is Why I Cosplay
This Is Why I Cosplay stories
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This Is Why I Cosplay

by gomibukuro

A room is filled with chatter. It’s filled with several laughs and giggles; each with different voices and tones.

Click, click. A photo is taken. A group huddles together; click, click.

Colorful people fill the room. Characters with familiar faces past by and voices catch each other’s attention.

Props are held by the fingertips of most.

Click, click. Another camera flashes a picture of a posing figure. ‘Thank you's' ring out in the small area and couples part.

Feet and eyes follow certain characters. Eyes examine the meeting area. Costumes match the several body types that had been hand crafted.

Laughter spills out. The flash of a camera displays detail that was hard fought. Smiles flow onto faces with each character break.

Beautiful faces show emotion that isn’t seen often. There’s something different with the atmosphere. There’s a different mood.

A camera is recording the memories with poses and scenes. Music plays and limbs move to the beat. Fabric flies and mixes with others. Skin is shown with no mercy and no shame.

Everyone is different but the same.

They share the same passion.

The world is seen in a different way and it’s truly beautiful.

This is why I cosplay.

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