~The Man With A Devil's Mask~ (A collab)
~The Man
With A Devil's Mask~

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goldenratio0618 ~Moving On~ – Goodbye.
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*"I am human too. I want to be truly loved just like you" – You’ve read about her.
Now it’s time for him. – A collab by
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~The Man With A Devil's Mask~ (A collab)

(Sequel of ~Women Are Precious~)

by @ella__posey @winterheart @ryaaa3 @salmakhatoon918 @wonder @imaginarywriter @goldenratio0618

Images from GhostBlade

It was summer

It was summer despite the rainy weather.

It was chaos outside,

but we acted as if it wasn't.

I told you about my past,

thinking my future would be you.

You promised to catch me

You promised to catch me when I fall.

But you never did.

What happened to us?

You cry

You cry from a broken heart.

(Mine has been branded

(Mine has been branded dark and impure.)

(All those fake gossips

(All those fake gossips never fail to reach us.)

But what have I done wrong?

What have I ever done?

I love the halo around you

I love the halo around you that makes you bloom

I love the halo around you that makes you bloom throughout your fear.

(I cry alone

(I cry alone in blackness.)

I love the tone of your voice

which sounds calm,

could never get any loud.

(When can I break free,

(When can I break free, be allowed to scream?)

I love your rosy cheeks when you smile,

your image too sacred for me to ruin.

(Convinced I’m as bad as they claim.)

But I am not like OTHER MEN!

Still you go on and tumble me down.

When I offer you a helping hand,

it's not like I think you can't do it on your own.

I simply want to be there for you.

When I try to protect you,

it's not like I think you aren't strong enough.

You are simply precious to me,

and I rather see myself in pain.

When I usually

When I usually don't talk about my feelings,

it's not like I don't trust you.

It's simply

It's simply hard for me

because I'm afraid

because I'm afraid I could hurt you.

Your image is always sky-high,

your portraits are painted silver gold,

and now I am nothing

but a sad shadow

of your everlasting glory.

And I’ll fade away like a sketch

Gone, torn, broken

so far away,

where no one would be there to catch,

not even a word to say.


Someone, help my soul reprieve!

The damage has been done.

I tried to love.

Now all we see

Now all we see is all I'm not.

"What right do we have

"What right do we have to label them all as a fright?"

"For somewhere a pure heart

"For somewhere a pure heart is being colored black."

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