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goldenratio0618 ~Moving On~ – Goodbye.
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*~Moving On~ – Dedicated to those who enjoyed my works and supported me till now. Thank you very much. I appreciate you.*


~Moving On~

Author's Note: Hi everyone. I've decided to move on. Which means I won't be there for much longer.

Author's Note: Which also means that the following poem, besides a collaboration (the sequel of ~Women Are Precious~) will be my last posts on here; unless I'll come back one day. I'm not sure about that though. Let's see.

Author's Note: Anyway ... To all who like ~FALLEN~ and The Nostalgia Series – Sorry for not completing those. And thank you so much for your great support till now. I appreciate it a lot.

This poem is for you.

I hope you'll like it.

Time is a valuable thing,

Time is a valuable thing, but it's fading so fast,

as your pen is wavering over the pages,

which wants to taste every single word,

till the last.

Between rise and set of the sun,

time is just flying,

passing you by in a blink of an eye,

sending you to sleep

sending you to sleep with a satisfied sigh.

A day is nothing compared to your stories,

stories filled with your thoughts and worries,

like the time between death and birth,

birth of something incredible worth.

Now you might not imagine,

Now you might not imagine, life's like a flower,

Now you might not imagine, life's like a flower, first blooming with power,

its fading so sour.

And in the end of your days,

days of your last words,

where words of goodbye conclude a story,

the story of yours,

they won't see

which hero you were,

giving them your everything,

telling them your stories,

though painful and worried,

still filled with guidance and hope,

for fears are there

for fears are there to be buried.

Time is a valuable thing,

and you made the best out of it.

Your stories are your legacy,

probably fading away,

or becoming a legend one day.

Recommended Song: Diamond Eyes by Shinedown (Link in the description)

Thank you all so much for reading and listening and your great support.


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