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*"... please ... Don't die!" – 8th chapter of the series ~FALLEN~, marking the beginning of an important turn throughout the story while also hinting at the dark past of our male main-character Viaton.*

~FALLEN~ *8th Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 12+ – Bad Language – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: 8th Chapter of ~FALLEN~ is here, marking the beginning of an important turn throughout the story. So, to all of you who haven't read the former parts of this series, I highly suggest you to read them in order to be able to catch up with the story.

Author's Note: Please feel free to bury your nose into this novel-like series and give it a try. I would appreciate it a lot. Getting feedback from you would be great as well. Thank you very much for reading and your support. I hope you'll enjoy.

*8th Chapter*

There she stood – in bright moonlight, ready to jump to end her life every second. I just saw her from behind at first and her shimmering ebony hair dancing to a brittle breeze, and I knew in an instant that it was her – the woman I loved and wanted to save.


"Wait! – Please, don't do that!" I yelled after rushing towards her. She turned around, surprised yet so calm.

It filled me with fear and utter respect as I noticed how stoic she looked at me, even when she was in great danger to fall down and possibly die with just one wrong move. With her feet placed on a narrow and slippery steel beam of the bridge, I knew I had to handle the situation with a lot of caution.

I came closer – slowly, still too far away to just grab her and pull her back over the railing. "Please! – Stay calm. And do nothing rash." A smile adorned her else emotionless face as she heard my words – A weird smile I wasn't able to decode.

Then she averted her gaze, looking down onto the shallow river bed which was capable of breaking all of her bones if she'd jump down from that breathtaking height.

"Why would you care if something happens to me? You are just a stranger and don't know me. Why would you care? ... No one does." She whispered the last words in a sad and stifled manner so that they were nearly carried away into a now cold and kinda unfriendly night.

But inside of me I reiterated everything what she said, and especially those last words had a huge effect on me. – I suddenly started to remember some heartbreaking remnants of my gloomy past. I didn't let my memories take over though and shook my head in denial to get a clear mind again.

"What are you saying there? Please ..., just don't do that. I ... I really care about you." I stuttered worried.

Without knowing why she'd say something like that, I was sure it had to be because of some very hurtful experiences in her life. For sure, I didn't know about those, but still I was able to relate up to some point.

"Does not everyone suffer through a lot of pain somewhere during life? Everyone does in one way or another, right? And sometimes it's unbearable, I know that. But s- something like that ..." While talking I was able to come closer and closer to her without making her notice it.

"It's not the answer. It just shouldn't be like that. Also ...

... You are not alone." After I dropped my thoughts, it was like I struck a special nerve of her. – In an instant she was out of her numbed state and distraught in many ways.

"How ... How do you ..." She turned around to look at me again, her eyes now filled with heavy tears.

"I ... I just know. ... So, please! – Give me your hand." While offering her mine to hold onto, I tried my best to present her a truthful friendly smile, even though I was already extremely stirred up myself.

She examined me – for some seconds there was hope in her shiny brown eyes ..., which didn't take long to break away again as she turned me down. "You know nothing about what I've gone through. Nothing do you know about me. You wouldn't even believe me if I'd tell you. And like the others you don't care at all."

She looked up to the stars, sobbing and so desperate, it nearly broke my heart watching her like that. "Please! – Leave me alone and let me die."

Alongside her words cold shivers were sent down my spine, stirring me up even more and letting myself feel like worthless shit – like back then as I hadn't been able to save her. I had been too weak back then. Maybe I had been able to help her, but I hadn't had the guts for that.

My body became heavy, my mind hazy and my heart was about to implode under the amount of pressure I was facing at the moment and under the burden I was still carrying around from my dark past.

"No ..., I simply can't do that. I can't do something like that again." I spoke with all of my remaining strength while fighting against all those broken memories and all those feelings of guilt, rushing through my veins.

That's right. – I can't do something like that again.

And I don't want to ...

I don't want to see another person die in front of my eyes I would be able to save.

So, please ...

Don't die!


Live on!


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