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*"I had to be broken ..." – 2nd Chapter of the series ~FALLEN~, giving an insight into the former life of the Main-Character and how he met the woman because of whom he changed to the better.*

~FALLEN~ *2nd Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 16+ – Sex – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: Be sure to read the 1st Chapter before continuing on this one. If you already have done that, I hope you'll enjoy the sequel of the series ~FALLEN~. Thank you very much for reading. And feedback is always appreciated.

*2nd Chapter*

I never were the one genuinely kind to others, having an interest in a thing called "Love". It was always me and foremost, and I didn't mind to to trick and exploit people for my own sake. Overall I was a demon. But that changed after meeting her.


I woke up from my shallow sleep, in the middle of an unfamiliar room. As I looked around and slowly recalled what happened last night, I noticed that the woman at my side still slumbered deeply and satisfied.

A great chance to sneak out, before she'd start to think that this would become something more than just an one-time event between the two of us. So, I started to pack my things in a hurry before she'd wake up too. Also work was already awaiting me.

But just as I were about to leave for my shift, the pager at my belt suddenly began to scream alarm. – I cringed. "Fuck." Cussing quietly, I silenced the device which raised her out of her dreams.

Like frozen I stood there as she looked at me wide-eyed. Then I faked a friendly smile and played the innocent one. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to wake you up. ... Unfortunately, I have to go to work now." Seemingly insecure I scratched the back of my head and cracked another smile.

She got up from bed, covering her attractive body with the sheets and came closer to whisper into my ear. "So, that's how you are gonna leave me, Doctor? I hope you'll come back after work to also take good care of your new patient here."

She nibbled my lobe and exhaled a hot breath, while her free hand wandered down to my crotch. Her doing was indeed very enticing. But nothing I wasn't able to handle.

I layed my arm around her waist, pulled her in and let my lips dance over her neck in an elegant way. With her head back she educed a soft moan, craving for more. At that point I refused, and left her with brimming anticipation.

"I'd like to stay with you, but I really have to go now. I'm sorry. ... Let's continue after I'm done with work." I leaned back and gave her a promising wink. And yet another untruthful smile adorned my face.

"Ohhh ..., you are a meanie. But how could I resist when you are that charming?" Both of her arms wrapped around my neck and then she started to kiss me deeply, while clinging her body to mine and giving me a taste of her glowing passion.

I returned her kiss to seal the deal she has fallen for. – Just now, she had become the prey I was able to hunt down whenever I wanted.

Even though I usually didn't tend to sleep with the same woman twice, I still kept the doors always open for me, as this sort of power and control gave me an even more satisfying feeling than just the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

I just couldn't get enough of playing around with women like that. And to be honest, it was also the only thing I knew about which was really able to fill up the yawning abyss inside of me.


We exchanged another kiss and then I left her proud and full of myself, knowing I wouldn't see her again.

And now I really was in a hurry. – My shift was about to begin in a few minutes and only now I entered the busline, leading to my working-place. And it didn't get any better with all that traffic, slowing us down, making it clear to me that I'd come late when staying furthermore on that ride.

Not that I would have had problems with coming too late. – After all, I was a distinguished doctor. But for this very reason I didn't want to let myself slide, and also I didn't want to bust my delicate double life.

"Gosh! I really should be more cautios with all my womanizing.", I whispered to myself with an amused sigh.


Once the bus had to halt again because of the traffic jam, I went forwards to the driver. "Let me off here, man." He opened the doors and I covered the remaining distance by feet.


After reaching the hospital-grounds, a glance on my watch told me that I wasn't fast enough. "Shit! I'm too late." Without paying attention I increased my speed, and that's when I bumped into a stranger who was about to leave the building.

She nearly fell over, but I was able to catch her and helped her to stand up. "Excuse me. I'm in a hurry." Unsettled I watched my surroundings, but felt at ease in an instant as she raised her voice.

"I'm very sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to stand in your way. Please forgive me for being such a nuisance." Not what she said soothed me, but how she said it – she was like an innocent angel talking to me.

As she looked up, my gaze wandered over her beautiful face. And then I met her eyes, which had me under their spell from the very first second. For real it was just a fleeting moment of eye-contact, but it was like time stopped existing when I lost myself in the mirrors of her shiny soul.

I wanted to exchange more words with her, but then she pressed on, leaving me puzzled why I suddenly felt like a happy child without any sign of evil in its mind.

Talking about "Love" ...

Our fateful encounter marked the start of my transformation.

My transformation to a truthful and loving person.

But what I didn't know at that time ...

Our love was never meant to be.

It just served the one and only purpose to pave a way for myself of being newborn.

And for making that possible ...,

I had to be broken

by watching her suffer till death.


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