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*"Those times won't last forever." – 13th chapter of the series ~FALLEN~ where we'll see how our main-characters slowly come close to each other and how Viaton starts to change for Angelica.*

~FALLEN~ *13th Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 12+ – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: Hi, everyone! The 13th Chapter is here which will be not as depressing as the other ones, still bittersweet as usual and giving hints how this whole series is going to end.

Author's Note: I hope you'll enjoy reading it. And feedback is always appreciated. Thank you all for your great support.

*13th Chapter*

Do you know these times when you feel at ease completely? These times of peace when you think everything is alright and simply beautiful and good? When you think nothing is ever able to hurt you because you are filled with love and blessed with the love of someone else?

In short: Blissful times as if an incredible dream would come true.

I had such with her.

But I shouldn't have taken it for granted back then and let myself detach from reality.

Because reality is ...

Because reality is ... Those times won't last forever.


The sun were shining through the windows right onto my face and woke me up from my sleep – a peaceful and very restful sleep.

God! It has been a long time ago since I slept as well as tonight. I'm not even able to remember it anymore.

I examined the illuminated ceiling while letting out a satisfied yawn and then I looked at her.

She was laying right beside me with her head on my chest and her arms around me, still slumbering deeply. She looked extremely cute and I was more than glad that I was able to be there for her and that she felt safe at my side.

I smiled. But then I realized that work was already awaiting me, which kinda lowered my happy mood.

Without waking her up, I left her embrace, got up and switched off my pager before it would scream alarm. I just didn't want to wake her up now for I thought it had been a long time ago since she slept that good as well.

After that I freshend up and made breakfast for both of us, even though I would come too late to work if I wouldn't head out right away.

But I didn't care at that moment. And after all, I was a distinguished doctor who usually did great at work. So, it would be okay to let myself slide a bit and cool down every now and then.

And also ..., there are things which are more important than work, right? And right now she's important and I at least should offer her something to eat and a safe place to stay till I come back.


"Hey." I tried to wake her up with shaking her shoulder carefully.

She opened her eyes and as soon as she saw me, she smiled relieved.

I had to smile too, seeing that she already felt much better than yesterday. "Hey. Good Morning. How did you sleep?" I offered her my hand to stand up.

Without hesitation she grabbed after it while her face was brightening up even more. "G- Good Morning. I ... I slept rather good. ... And y–" Somehow her leg got tangled into the blanket and that's why she fell over all of a sudden – right into my arms.

I catched her and looked into her eyes. "Woah! Everything okay?"

"Y- Yes. Thank you." At first she blushed happily but then she felt bad for it and looked away. "I'm sorry. I'm such a nuisance."

"Hey. Don't say that, okay? You are fine the way you are." Her sad face was gone in a second, but therefore she blushed that much and were flustered in many ways, so that she wasn't really able to speak anymore. "Y- Y- You ..."

I blushed and became nervous as well. "I- I'm sorry if that was weird. Um ..., would you like to have some breakfast?" Changing the topic I retreated and pointed at the dining table where a tasty meal and some coffee and tea were awaiting us.

"Y- Yes, please." She noticed the breakfast just now and looked at it wide-eyed as if she would had have never seen something like that before. Then her eyes suddenly started to water.

"Um! ... Are you okay?" I asked concerned. "I ... I am okay. It's just that ... I'm not used to it that someone is that kind to me." She wiped off her tears and hugged me.

"Thank you."


"Hey. Hey. Hey. That's not a problem at all. Don't mind it. You are welcome." I broke the heartwarming silence with my words and that was when my phone started to ring and startled both of us.

"E- Excuse me. I have to pick up the call. – It might be something important."

She let go of me and then I hurried over to it. "Yes?" "..." "Oh, no. – I just had something important to do." "..."

She listened to the conversation and caught up on every word of me while we kept eye-contact to each other the whole time.

"Sure, I'll be there in a few." She seemed to subside into desperation as she heard these words and also became very insecure. And she wanted to say something. But held it back.

I noticed it. And then thoughts were crossing my mind, letting myself drop out of the conversation for a while.

There are things which are more important than work, right? And right now she's important and I should stay with her. After all ..., she wanted to commit suicide just yesterday. I just can't leave her on her own now. That would be irresponsible and ... unforgiveable.

"..." "Y- Yeah. I'm still there. Sorry." "..." "I'm okay. I just thought about something." "..."

"I'd like to take a week off for now. – I really could need some free time." "..." "Yeah, you are right. Thanks for understanding." "..." "Okay then. – I'll be available if there'd be an emergency."

"..." "Thank you. Bye." "..." I put down the phone and saw how she started to smile in a delightful manner.

I smiled back.


The way for blissful times with her had been paved.

What I couldn't imagine at that moment was ...

... that the exact same path would lead me right into hell.


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