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*"Past can't be changed. ... But I can." – 12th chapter of the series ~FALLEN~ continuing with the story of Viaton's past and then coming back to the point after Angelica's rescue.*

~FALLEN~ *12th Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 16+ – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: Hi, everyone. Finally the next chapter has appeared. Unfortunately it took some time. But I hope you are still able to remember what happened till now and that you are already looking forward to read this belated chapter right away.

Author's Note: Thank you for doing so. And thank you very much for your great support. As always feedback is appreciated a lot.

*12th Chapter*

It has become silent inside the flat. – Too silent. Is he gone?

And where is Viaton's mother? Didn't she say she'd pick him up? And now ...

There's no one.

Just silence.

A severe silence which is more than alarming after her painful screams from before.

All of a sudden her voice starts to echo through his mind again and again.

"... don't worry, Viaton. ..." "... wait till I pick you up. Okay?" "And ... don't worry, Viaton. – Mum is going to be fine." "... Okay?"

At first it is soothing for he trusts her words and believes she'd come back every second – with a big smile on her face and a lovely hug for him.

But as minute after minute passes, slowly feeling like an eternity, he isn't able to sit still anymore.

Cautiously he opens the cabinet door – just a gap wide to take a glimpse outside and to make sure that the stranger has gone for real.


Just silence.

A worried boy's voice brings life into the scene. "Mu- Mum?"

It gets hard to breathe for Viaton as no one responds him. Hereupon he leaves his hiding place and asks again: "Mum? Are you there?"

He starts to look around and step by step he comes closer to the living room. – The place where he has seen his mother for the last time. – The place where this disgusting stranger had his way with her. – The place where ...

"Mu- Mum?!" Viaton's frozen as he discovers the motionless body of his mother – face down.

His shivering gaze wanders up her naked legs; up her ravaged body full with bruises; till up to her messy hair where he spots a fatal injury, dripping of too much blood.

And only now he notices the shards –, scattered in the living room and painted in red.

And the pool of blood next to her head.

He's shocked, ripped out from his trance and screams: "MUM!?" Hasty he runs towards her body, rolls her over then and starts to cry as he looks into the lifeless eyes of his mother. "Mu- Mum!? Nooo! Why?"

"Please! NO! Please, help! Somebody! HELP! PLEASE!"

Heavy tears are crashing down. And helpless screams can be heard throughout the whole flat.

But no one else is there.

Just a desperate little boy ...

... and his dead mother.



I woke up from my shallow sleep, haunted by nightmares of a broken past, when I heard stifled screams next to me.

I got up from floor in an instant, searched my way through darkness to the bedside lamp and switched it on. She was laying in my bed with cold sweat on her forehead, seemingly haunted by nightmares as well.

Yeah, I had brought her to my apartement after preventing her from comitting suicide.

Originally I wanted to bring her back home. But for some reason she refused, nearly pleading me not to do that. So I thought it would be the best to take her with me, even if it felt kinda weird.

But at the same time it felt right.


As she started to shout again in her sleep, I decided to wake her up carefully. "Hey. Shhh! What's the matter? Is everything okay?"

She opened her eyes and as soon as she saw me, she retreated filled with fear and worries, seemingly thinking at first I would be someone else.

"Hey, relax! It's me. Don't worry." I stood there with open arms and smiled at her in a welcoming way. "You see. You don't have to worry. Okay?"

From one second to another she had calmed down. Then she moved her lips, trying to say something, but the words didn't want to come out.

"Wait for a bit, okay? I'll bring you a glass of water. You must be thirsty, right?"

As I wanted to go to the kitchen to fetch her something to drink, she suddenly grabbed after my shirt and held me back.

I turned around and looked into her shy eyes. "Yes? Is something the matter?"

She averted her gaze for a moment while stuttering. "P- Please ..., sta- stay w- with me." Then she looked at me again – with innocent eyes which started to water out of desperation and insecurity.

To me she didn't appear like a woman at that moment; more like a little girl who really needed love and care. And it did hurt me a lot, especially because I was reminded of the innocent boy from back then who had lost his mother and had been alone since then – deprived of love and care.

"I ... I ..." My eyes started to water as well, but I held back my tears and all the black memories which wanted to flood my brain. I really couldn't effort to break down at the moment for I wanted to be there for her as good as I can as I saw her like that.

So, I gulped down my tears, smiled and took her hand. "I ... I stay with you. Don't worry."


I'm still able to hear her painful screams in my shallow sleep.

I'm still able to remember every heartbreaking detail of that day.

And I'm still blaming me for her death.

But it doesn't matter how much I'm drowning in the feelings of guilt

and how much I'm wishing for it ...

Past can't be changed.


But I can.

I can do it right this time.


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