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*"You are not alone anymore." – 10th chapter of the series ~FALLEN~. I hope you'll enjoy. Thank you very much for reading.*

~FALLEN~ *10th Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 12+ – Possible Triggers like "suicide" etc.

Author's Note: Welcome to the 10th Chapter of ~FALLEN~. Wow! – Already the 10th one. I hope you'll like it and how the series is evolving till now. Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate your support and great feedback a lot.

*10th Chapter*

You know ..., it's kind of a sin if you aren't trying to help someone who is in dire need of help. But do you know one of the most aweful pains?

It's when you are trying to help but you are not able to – when you just can watch your beloved ones suffer.

You are blessed if you never have felt this pain and if you never will. But I did. Oh yes, I truly did.

I might had been able to save her that day. But soon enough everything had gone out of control and I had ...

I had to let her go.

Even though I had tried so hard, there hadn't been a way to save her completely.

It hurt, it really did. And it still hurts when thinking back. But today I'm able to live with it. And nowadays they are asking me if I would regret all of it; if I would hate life for my greatest loss and for ripping me apart.

Truth is ... I'm still wishing that it would had ended differently, and sometimes it still hurts like hell.

But no ... I don't regret it. I don't hate life for what happened to her and for what happened to me.

Nowadays I'm grateful for it. Because, despite all the incredbile agony I had to go through ..., it's the best thing which ever had happened to me.

Even bad times are there to be cherished, you know?

You'll know what I mean when you have grown older.

You'll know what I mean ...


"NOOO!" She was about to jump down the very moment, and even though I yelled with all my strength, she seemingly didn't hear me – she had already decided. And nothing was able to stop her.


That's not true.

I am able to save her.

I am strong.

Her whole body was swaying in thin air, not bound to the ground anymore. I really don't know how I had been able to save her like that for I had been still rather far away.

It must had been a miracle ...

Inhumanely I overcame the obstacle between the two of us – the railing – and covered the last remaining distance in just a blink of an eye with enough time left then to grab after her and catch her out of her descent.

Like a magnet I sticked to the steel beams of the bridge – my feet unwavering and with one hand holding onto the railing while my other one reached out for her.

After I had been able to grab her, I shifted my weight to be able to put as much power as possible into my right arm – it felt like bursting as I broke her fall with it. But I clenched my teeth and believed that everything would be okay if I just keep on going like that.

It was indeed a miracle ...

... how I was able to bring her back up without falling down myself.

And then I pulled her towards me with a swift swing, stumbled back to the railing and laid my arms around her to keep her safe.

For a short time she was bewildered. – She just had settled her affairs some seconds ago and now ...

Now she was suddenly in safety.

"No. NO! Why ... Why are you doing that?!" She screamed all of a sudden and tried to break free from my embrace, flailing wildly.

It just made me pull her in even closer, keeping her by my side as good as possible. "Because I want you to live."

"But ... But ... NO! I just can't. You don't understand. I just have to die." She began crying again and also my eyes started to water. "No. You don't have to. And you shouldn't ... not like that. You'll live, you'll see."

"Nooo. Please ..., just let me go. ... Please, leave me alone and let me die." She stopped fighting against me, just continued pleading under tears. "Please! ... Please."

My heart was shaken by her desperate words and the tears didn't want to stop flowing down my cheeks. "No. I can't do that. I don't want to. ... And I'll stay with you."

"Why? You don't even know me. So ..., why?" "Because I ... I want you to live. So, please ... stay with me."

Lost, her fingers buried into my shirt and relieved yet sad she sobbed at my chest while shaking over her whole body. "Why? ... Why?"

I had to sob too, but tried my best to stay strong and be there for her. While holding her tight I stroked the back of her head. "Shhh! It's okay now. Shhh! I'm here for you."


"You are not alone anymore."


I love you.


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