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*"I should have had never fallen in love with her." – First attempt on writing a story, revolving around a doctor and his desperate love towards his own patient.*

~FALLEN~ *1st Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 16+ – Bad Language – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: Welcome to my first attempt on writing a story, revolving around a doctor and his desperate love towards his own patient. I hope you'll enjoy reading this series called ~FALLEN~, which will usually be updated every weekend. Thank you for checking it out.

*1st Chapter*

It was just another night I spent here in this room, just another night I did stay by her side to make her feel better – the woman I loved.


"Doctor! Hurry! DOCTOR!" Hectic shouts woke me up from my shallow sleep.

My tired gaze wandered over the colorless floor to her bed. And only now I realized what that turmoil was about and it brought me back to my senses in a blink of an eye. Two nurses tried her best to pin down a young beautiful lady who was flailing wildly and screaming of agony.

I rushed over to check on her and a moment after I yelled my commands: "Sibyl! Get a moist cloth to cool her down! – She's on fire." "Thea! We also need two milligramm lorazepam. And some morphine to sooth her pain. Inject it intravenously and with caution!"

While they were making their preparations, I held her down with one arm and placed my other hand on her cheek. Then I looked deep into her eyes as she seemed trying to find something she could fixate on with her quivering and dilated pupils.

As she looked back into mine she was getting a little bit calmer, but still trembled over her whole body. "Don't worry, Angelica. Everything is going to be fine. Don't worry." I smiled. And she responded with a hopeful expression.

Sibyl came back and gave me a bewildered look before she placed a moistened little towel on Angelica's glowing forehead. Ashamed I stepped back and Thea was surprised when she felt the heavy suspense between her coworker and me.

But then she continued her work, for she didn't know what was going on for real. And I guess, she didn't even want to know it, at least didn't want to pry into the personal business of her boss on purpose.

Still, she was able to imagine the situation I had found myself in. And she felt very sorry for it. And I really was grateful for how kind she was on me, always considering my feelings and asking after my well-being.

"Is something the matter, Doctor? If you aren't feeling well, you should rest for a bit. We are able to take over from now on." "I ... I ... Th- Thank you very much, Thea." I stuttered helpless. And then I retreated. Not only because I felt like a dried vessel, but also I couldn't stand the strict glances of Sibyl anymore.

I walked outside the room and was about to take a nap in my own, but Sibyl rushed after me and stopped me in the hallway. "Doctor!" She cat-called at me and I turned around – dumbfounded.

"Have you lost your mind, Doctor?" Even if I was her superior, she didn't hold back a single word, and she was one who tended to speak out her mind – hard, but overall fair and truthful. A characteristic I appreciated. Even if it was carelessly hurtful at the moment.

"Listen! I don't care and I didn't say anything about you being in love with that woman and having an affair with her. – I think that's your right. Even when it's against the Hippocratic oath. But ..." She stopped talking for a while as another nurse passed, and came closer then to continue speaking with me calmly.

Kinda angry and indignantly she looked at me as she let slip her next words which hit me deep: "But you can't just say these things to her, giving her false hope. You know ..., it's cruel. Don't you remember her medical report? – There is no hope left for her."

"You should wake up and don't make things worse as they already are. ... You better give up and let her go."

"Also ..., people are already spreading rumours because of you staying in her room night after night. So, be careful! And for god's sake – Be more considerate!" After that, she walked back to assist Thea with our deadly sick patient.



"FUCK!" Desperate I smacked a fist against the wall and tried my best to hold back my tears.

I knew that. – In the best case, she'd only have two weeks left. But I didn't want it to happen.

I didn't want her to die.

It was hurting so much.

And I knew ...,

I should have had never fallen in love with her.


But I just couldn't help it.


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