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*"It was like a dream come true. But I was awfully wrong." – 3rd Chapter of the series ~FALLEN~, showing how things have evolved between our Main-Characters since they have met.*

~FALLEN~ *3rd Chapter*

Content-Warning: – 16+ – Possible Triggers like "self- harm" etc.

Author's Note: 3rd Chapter is out. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. And to everyone else who is new to the series ~FALLEN~, welcome and please be sure to check out the first two parts before continuing that one here. Thank you very much. And feedback is always appreciated.

*3rd Chapter*

It all happened so fast. Nearly too fast to imagine. – How we got to know each other after we've met. – How we fell in love with each other. – And how the time arrived when she closed her teary eyes and exhaled her last breath.


Chirping birds and the laughs of happy children, while a caring hand stroked through my hair, had granted me a great nap and an incredible feeling of peace and relief. I woke up from my restful sleep – my head still placed on her lap.

She started to smile like an angel as she looked into my eyes. "I hope you slept well, Honey." For a short amount of time I was mesmerized by her sweet voice and her deep eyes filled with nothing but love.

"Yes, Angelica. It might have been just some minutes, still I didn't have such a refreshing sleep for quite a long time by now." Her face brightened even more. "I'm so happy to hear that. – I'm glad I am able to be of use for you."

"You are the best. – I love you, Angelica." Softly I layed my palm on her blushing cheek and gazed into her eyes with truthful affection. "I love you too, Viaton." She lowered her head and we kissed each other in a tender way.

Every time when our lips were touching and our fingers entangled, I started to forget everything around us. – The whole world seemed to disappear all of a sudden; every problem, fear and pain with it.

And how much I wished time to stop at such blissful moments which made my heart beating wildly like a thousand drums and my soul being flooded by an incredible warmth. Her love was just perfect to me. And I wouldn't ever have wanted to exchange it for something else.

Suddenly a football crashed against the bench, on which we were making ourselves feel cozy, and woke us up from our lovey-dovey trance. A few seconds later a bunch of lively children headed our way to get their ball back. "S- Sorry. We didn't mean to."

"Ohhh, it's okay. – Don't worry." She talked friendly to them and they went off again with big grins on their faces. I raised up and took a sit next to her. "You seem to have a hand for children. Do you like them?"

"Awww, I love them. Aren't they cute?" Excited she held my hand and watched the children playing. I chuckled nervously. "I don't know. ... So, does that mean you would like to have some on your own?"

"Yeah, of course. I would love to one day." A big smile adorned her face and she looked deep into my eyes. "Would you also love to?"

"Ummm ... I- I don't think so to be honest. Um ... At least not now." I stumbled insecurely, overwhelmed by how that conversation seemed to turn out.

She came closer and now held both of my hands. "Would you love to have children with me one day?" Her question stunned me for a while for it hit my greatest weakness regarding women – I just wasn't able to handle such a mix of allurement, sincerity and utter cuteness.

And therefore my answer couldn't have been different from that. – A stuttered mess of which I didn't have a plan if it was the right thing to say. "Um ... Um ... I- I- ... Um ... If ..., I would love to have children ... j- just with you."

"Awww. You are so cute." She was very delighted through my words and blushed deep red. "I love you so much." She pulled me in and gave me a deep honeyed kiss.

Being with her was indeed amazing and I couldn't get enough. I had to think of her almost all time and just one of her cordial smiles was able to give me happiness for the whole day. Our relationship was simply the best thing I ever had.

It was like a dream come true.

Till ...

I found out about her condition.

It was probably also the only reason why I did even meet her.

And even if I was a doctor, I didn't have a clue.

Besides numberless scars on her wrists, she looked okay and very healthy.

But I was awfully wrong.

And I realized that ...

after they gave me her medical report ...

and told me that I'd be her doctor from now on.


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