~Divine Redemption~

~Divine Redemption~ love stories

goldenratio0618 ~Moving On~ – Goodbye.
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*How love and gratitude is able to change your view on life and your life in general. – A little, hopeful piece. I hope you'll like it. Thank you very much for reading.*

~Divine Redemption~

To blend into this LIFE

is something for those

is something for those whose eyes are blinded

by mundane glimmer.

It’s impossible for them to see

beyond a glowing horizon.


painful regrets

alongside their tainting sins

are washed away,

no matter what people say ...

(Expect divine redemption)

(Accept the gifts of heaven)

And you'll overcome the fear of death

and grasp a look on streets of gold.

Our time is already set with fateful days,

Our time is already set with fateful days, exhaling a deeper truth.

There’s nothing to be afraid of,

since I know we’ll find peace

since I know we’ll find peace behind the gates

guarded by angels.

(My ascent has already begun

(My ascent has already begun with love and gratitude)

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