~Dark Stories~ (The Nostalgia Series)
~Dark Stories~

(The Nostalgia Series) nostalgia stories

goldenratio0618 ~Moving On~ – Goodbye.
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*~Dark Stories~ is the remake of my second poem on here. I hope you'll like it like the first one. And feedback is always appreciated. Thank you very much.*


~Dark Stories~ (The Nostalgia Series)

Content-Warning: – Possible Triggers

Author's Note: The original version of this poem was posted on the 21st of August, 2018. Now, exactly one year later, it is back – overhauled with line-changes, new better fitting images and a song to listen to. I hope you'll like it.

Author's Note: And if you want to see more and be part of The Nostalgia Series, just drop #nostalgia in the comments and you'll be tagged in the upcoming pieces. Please also feel free to give feedback and ask if you'd like to know more about certain poems or the series in general.

Author's Note: Thank you very much for checking it out and your support. I appreciate it a lot.

~Dark Stories~

I can't stand

I can't stand being here alone,

going now,

I'll find something on my own.


There, a beautiful butterfly

There, a beautiful butterfly crosses my path.

And quivering thoughts

And quivering thoughts are firing up my soul.

Are you my light in the dark?

Are you my light in the dark? My beacon of hope?

You are purity,

but I'm just a stain,

covering you with pain.

For no matter how hard I try,

For no matter how hard I try, I'm just stealing your wings,

And finally

you die.


Still, packed with dark stories,


life is going on.

Recommended Song: In The End by Linkin Park (Link in the description)

Thank you very much for reading and listening.

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