Farewell Of The Broken

Farewell Of The Broken desperation stories

goldenratio0618Burnt out soul. Don't remember me.
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A serenade. A waltz. A poem.

by Golden Ratio – 1st of September 2018

Farewell Of The Broken

A serenade of tender raindrops

Pearly warm-hearted summer skies

My trembling lips flattered by the soft breeze

A dancing fire – a waltz of flames

Heated passion while cold winters

My trembling limbs flattered by the pleasure

A flawless scent written in the haze

Breathing mossy world full of dreams

My trembling mind flattered by perfection

Nothing of importance – not anymore

Only fading memories lost in the past

Succumbed by thunder

Numbed by tides

Consumed by fire

My soul chained down in a bottomless pit

A life without feelings

A life without meaning

A life like a lie

I am longing for death flattered by salvation

I am ready for the ultimate truth

I am tired of living hell on earth


I want to sleep.

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