~1000 Follower Special~
~1000 Follower Special~ comic stories

goldenratio0618I've finally found my peace
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A little thank you to all who supported and were there for me along the way. Thank you very much for everything. ❤️😊
With special regards to my 1000th follower @galaxycat284 😉😁
I wish the whole Commaful-family all the best. 💖

~1000 Follower Special~

Oh!? ... Already there?


Hi. 😃 How are you doing? 🙂

Great? ... That's nice. 😃

Sooo ... Thousand followers, huh?

Time for something special.

At first ... ... all for your consistent support and motivation. 😁

Now might be the time to give you something in return.

But what?


Hey dude. Waz up?

Gettin' lost in your thoughts again, huh?

Hey Pete. What are you doing here?

Heard you'd need some help here, bro.

Oh yeah, party-people ...

Hi there! I'm Pete.

Now comin' back to you.

What are you up to, man?

You know? After reaching 1000 followers, I thought about what I could do for all of the people in return.

Do you have an idea, Pete?


You could finally share somethin' about yourself, dude. People sure like to know more about the man who was able to reach 1000 followers.

Well, you know, I'm not the only one who managed to reach this goal. 😅 But nice idea. Thank you, Pete. 😁

Trust me, bro. This is going to be nuts.

Peeete? What's taking so long, my butternut?

Sorry, bro. Gotta go. Can't let the girls wait, you know? You keep at it like we talked.

Sure. Thanks for your help. 😁 And have fun. 😉

Of course. 👌🥜 See ya, party-people.



Let's do this!

Here are the options I thought about:

Which one would you choose?

Let me know in the comments. 😃😁

See you next time.

Oh yeah, before I forget.

For using these stickers here I promised Snapchat to do some advertising. 😅

So yeah ...

Start using Snapchat. Snapchat is nuts👌🥜 ... um ... cool. 😎👍

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