Intro to Some of My OCs on Wattpad
Intro to Some of My OCs on Wattpad ocs stories

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Just an intro to my wide variety of characters I’ve made! Not all of them... not even close to all of them! I’ve got ones from Minecraft, ones from Star Wars, ones from Stardew Valley, and I even have ones that have their completely own world, not created off a fandom or anything.

Intro to Some of My OCs on Wattpad

Grace: yellow-blonde hair, indigo eyes, light skin. Hates cookies. Likes eating potatoes... for who even knows what reason... book series: Attack on the Wizards.

Can be a bit dramatic, and when she tries to guess something, she's being sarcastic and is normally right even when she doesn't want to be...

Q'raleh Rechlo: Twi'lek. Blue skin & lekku, brown eyes. Greenish lightsaber. Kind, quiet, and orderly. Friends with Ahsoka Tano.

Books: Star Wars Rewritten (Not quite yet!) and How Star Wars REALLY Should Have Ended CW-episode6 (might be discontinued.)

Corinne Jackson: female human, reddish hair, bright green eyes. Kind, does everything to avoid trouble. Doesn't agree with war, hates violence.

Big Star Wars fan! Book series: The Imperial Order (Might or might not have a sequel or two!)

Coel Jackson: younger brother to Corinne Jackson, reddish hair, bright blue eyes. A little reckless, but kind at heart.

Big Star Wars fan! Also in the Imperial Order and any books that might be in that same series.

Amy: red hair, brown eyes, light skin. Charismatic but also annoying sometimes. Naive, wide-eyed. Very kind. Book series: Attack on the Wizards.

Then there's these kids who meet without memories in the middle of a Minecraft-like world... I won't go into more detail for them.

Oh, and I also did a bunch of Stardew Valey farmers, they each have their own story based either off of ideas I got or my own farms.

All these stories can be found on my Wattpad account, GoldenPotato01.

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