Weekly (or Daily) Shoutouts! (New Thing That I'll Be Doing)
Weekly (or Daily) Shoutouts! (New Thing That I'll Be Doing) @bookishtween13 stories

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Comment if you guys want me to do this weekly or daily!

Weekly (or Daily) Shoutouts! (New Thing That I'll Be Doing)

Hello guys, it's Artemis again! So I had this idea (people probably thought about it before, but oh well) and I've decided that I'm going to shoutout three people each week! There are many amazing people on Commaful, and I feel like most of them don't get enough credit. I actually might make this a daily thing since there are a lot of great people here lol

Person #1: Ria! (@bookishtween13) Ria was my first friend here on Commaful, and she makes incredible poetry! She's an amazing friend, and I don't think Commaful would have been as good of an experience for me if we didn't cross paths

Person #2: @itz_aliyah! AN INCREDIBLE HUMAN WHO DESERVES A LOT OF LOVE! When I was having a bad day, she helped me get out of my bad mood, and she even put up with me venting a bit to her, and I can't express how grateful I am for her support

Person #3: @halojones06! One of my greatest supporters of my Ask the 7 series and an overall amazing person! I wouldn't have even thought about continuing my Heroes of Olympus Q&A series if it wasn't for you

I really think you guys should go follow them! I don't know if I should do this weekly or daily, so please let me know! I hope you all have a great day/night! Bye! - Artemis

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