Weekly Shoutouts #3!
Weekly Shoutouts #3! shoutouts stories

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Just me talking/ranting about people who are incredible and deserve more credit than they're given

Weekly Shoutouts #3!

Hey guys! Artemis here, and I'm back with this week's shoutouts! And yes, I'm going to use gender-neutral pronouns from now on when talking about these people since I don't want to accidentally call anyone the wrong gender

Person #1: @starfull! This person has been a huge supporter of @chopsui and I's collab Acquaintances, and I can't thank them enough for it! They're also an amazing writer and awesome person :)

Person #2: @shadowdream! This person gives amazing feedback, and their poems are absolutely beautiful! I really appreciate them :)

Person #3: @moth_eat_cops! They're one of my irl friends, and they're awesome!!! They write incredible poetry and stories, and I can't think of a word to describe them since they're that incredible :)

Go check out their stories/poems! And I know that are a lot more amazing people, poets, and authors. If you want to get a shoutout or if you want to talk about whatever so we can become friends, then just DM me! I love meeting new people on here :)

But that's the end of this week's shoutouts! I hope y'all have a great day/night! - Artemis

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