Violence Rising Chapter 2
Violence Rising Chapter 2 warriors stories

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Chapter 2 of the Warrior Cats collab I'm doing with @nightsong!

Violence Rising Chapter 2

Terrorstar watched as his son ran away from him. The leader of SoulClan sighed and glanced over at the large blue rock that was just above the ground. A small pang of sadness stabbed Terrorstar's heart.

"May you be at peace in StarClan, my love," he murmured to Snowfall's grave. He lingered there for a bit longer before turning around and heading back to his camp.

When Terrorstar passed the thorn barriers to the SoulClan camp, he was greeted by his deputy, Clawheart. "Where did you go?" the brown tabby she-cat growled. "You promised to help train Frostpaw today."

Terrorstar glared down at his deputy. "How dare you question me," he hissed. "I am your leader, and you will not question anything I do. Do I make myself clear?"

Clawheart looked him in the eye before sighing. "You went to see him again, didn't you?" she asked in a much gentler tone than before. "With all due respect Terrorstar, he's not one of us. He became soft the moment he joined that sorry excuse for a Clan. It'll be nearly impossible to make him join us."

"It doesn't hurt to try," Terrorstar argued. "He is my son. Whether he likes it or not, he's a purebred SoulClan cat. Iceheart will come to his senses eventually."

Clawheart didn't look convinced, but she nodded her head anyway. "Very well. But if I were you, I would focus on your Clan. Especially a particular apprentice who is eager to show you her fighting skills for her final assessment."

Terrorstar flicked his tail lightly with amusement. He chose Clawheart as his deputy for exactly this reason; to keep him focused on his Clan rather than the remains of his former family. He walked over to the training grounds, where he found the pure white she-cat waiting with her mentor, Crowblood.

Frostpaw's ears perked up when she saw her leader walking towards her. Terrorstar nodded to the apprentice in greeting. "Your mentor here has told me that you're ready for your final assessment."

Frostpaw nodded eagerly. "Did I pass my hunting assessment?" she asked anxiously. "That is for Crowblood, Clawheart, and myself to decide, but not right now," Terrorstar replied. "You do remember what the final assessment in SoulClan is, correct?"

Frostpaw nodded, her eyes wide. "I have to beat you in a fight." "Exactly." Terrorstar stood in the middle of the training ground, crouching low to the ground in a battle stance. "Now, attack me."

Frostpaw bared her fangs, making Terrorstar flinch slightly. He forgot how powerful Frostpaw's teeth were. The white-furred apprentice yowled a battle cry before lunging at her leader.

Terrorstar gracefully dodged her attack and was about to aim a blow at her before he heard a loud howl of alarm coming from the middle of the camp. Terrorstar shared a look with Crowblood and Frostpaw before running to where the commotion was coming from.

Terrorstar jumped onto Death Rock, the place where he went to make Clan meetings. "What is the meaning of this?!" He yowled angrily at the cats gathered below him.

Slatefang, one of Terrorstar's most trusted warriors, was breathing heavily alongside another warrior, Flickeringflame. "There's a badger in our territory," Slatefang snarled, his tail lashing in anger. "It must have come from SilentClan's borders! We need to chase it straight into their camp!"

The other cats yowled in agreement. Terrorstar hesitated, but only for a second. He remembered what Clawheart had said. He jumped down from the rock and approached his warriors. He grinned, making his teeth flash in the setting sun.

"Let's show SilentClan what we're made of," Terrorstar growled, making his fellow Clanmates give a loud howl of agreement. 'Don't worry my son,' Terrorstar thought. 'Soon you will see that those pitiful cats never cared for you in the first place. Soon you will remember that your destiny was to always be a SoulClan warrior.'

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