Truth or Truth! Heroes of Olympus Pt 1
Truth or Truth! Heroes of Olympus Pt 1 heroes+of+olympus stories

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Want to hear us demigods spill our deepest and darkest secrets? Well you've come to the right place!

Truth or Truth! Heroes of Olympus Pt 1

Goldenflame: Hello everyone! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Goldenflame, and I'm the host of this new series, Truth or Truth! (if you want, then also check out my Ask the 7! series)

Nico: Wow that was fast

Leo: You forgot to mention something Goldie

Goldenflame: Yes, and Leo Valdez is the co-host- ...did you just call me 'Goldie'?

Leo: Yes I did

Goldenflame:...alrighty then. The first-ever Truth or Truth question that we have received is from @halojones06! They asked: Question for you, @goldenflame: thoughts on all the demigods?


Goldenflame: Wait... I have a question? Someone notices me in this world?

Nico: Shut up and answer the question Goldie

Goldenflame: Hey! Only Leo's allowed to call me that. And as for how I think of all the demigods, I think Neeks is an amazing little emo, and Solangelo is one of my religions

Nico: You did NOT just call me Neeks-

Goldenflame: -I also think I would like Jason a bit better if he died his hair black so I would have an excuse to call him Clark Kent aka Superman

Jason: I guess I could do that for Halloween

Goldenflame: Hazel is the sister I never had, and Annabeth and Piper are freaking amazing

Goldenflame: Percy can be a bit fishy sometimes

Percy: You had to use the pun there, didn't you?

Goldenflame: Yes I did, and Frank is an amazing friend

Frank: Aww thanks!

Leo: What about me?

Goldenflame:.. You're my closest friend.

Jason: You hesitated.

Goldenflame: N-no I didn't!

Annabeth: Hesitation means you're hiding something.

Goldenflame: I'm not, I swear!

Hazel: Sorry Goldenflame. We already made the rules. Piper has to use charmspeak on you so you tell the truth.

Goldenflame: Noooooooo

Piper: *using charmspeak* Goldenflame, what are your thoughts on Leo?

Goldenflame: *desperately trying to fight off the charmspeak* H-he is my closest friend...

Piper: *still using charmspeak* And?

Goldenflame:...And....f-fine, I admit it, LeoisverygoodlookingandifheeversaysanythingaboutthisIwillmurderhiminhissleep

Leo: *huge grin on face* I couldn't hear you clearly, care to repeat that?

Goldenflame: Shut up Valdez!

Piper: *knowing fully well that Goldenflame was still suppressing something* I think Golden's suffered enough today...

Goldenflame: Yes I have. So that concludes the first episode of our new Truth or Truth! series, and if you want to know more tea about why Leo and I are like this, I highly recommend checking out my Ask the 7! series

Nico: Did you seriously just say 'the tea'?

Goldenflame: Tea, gossip, they mean the same thing. But if any of you readers want to ask any of us questions (that we must answer truthfully!) then just drop them down in the comments below! We answer every question that's asked, no matter how long it takes for us to complete it! That should be it for now, so until next time. Bye!!!

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