TLF Memes (Part 4)
TLF Memes (Part 4) @em_jay_hyde you better make season 2 of tlf soon or else i'm gonna go full rage mood on you stories

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These memes are to hopefully take away the pain I feel (AKA I have to wait for season 2 of TLF)

TLF Memes (Part 4)

A/N: Shoutout to @martymcfly for making some of these memes! They're hilarious XD But I think this may be my last TLF memes post until I find better memes, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the abundance of incorrect quotes you're about to read!

Elliott: Well, atoms never touch each other. Since we are made of atoms, we have never touched anything our whole lives. Rowen:... Elliott: So to answer your question, no I didn't punch Andy in the face

Elliott: *Sings the plankton part of the F.U.N song* Andy: No. Now do it like this! F is for friends who do stuff together- Elliot: Never, that's completely idiotic. Andy: Here, let me help you... Elliott: *runs out of room* YEET (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Art: Studying??? More like student dying! Amiright or amiright? Charley: okay? Art: I have been awake for 103 hours.

Art: *pulls out a reverse uno* Avie: *walks in* Avie: Why is Andy smacking themselves? Art: They were gonna smack me, so I pulled out a reverse uno Avie: Smart (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Andy: It's not gonna work, I'm not a snitch. Akani: Fine, let's try something else. Tag a friend you recently robbed a house with. Andy: LMAOOO @artemis_storm

Charley and Andy both ask at the same time: Do you like me? Art: *looks at watch and runs* YEET! (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Andy: Hey, watcha doin Art: Eating a family sized bag of chips Andy: Arty, that's a small bag it's definitly not family sized Art, with a stuffed mouth: Every bag of chips is family sized if you're an orphan Andy: Wait, no-

Marty: *Literally falls up the stairs* Andy: Looks like we have a new target guys! (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Andy: Whomst'd've consumed my ice juice Akani: Should I call the exorcist Rommie: I hath consumed the ocean sauce Elliott: Call the exorcist

Marty: And then he said Knife to meet you Art: Marty, you're bleeding Marty: *looks down* Oh. Eh, I've done worse. The guy made a pun Artemis! Art: You need help... (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Avie: I have this science headcannon- Ramona: Why can't you just say hypothesis like a normal person? Avie: So my science headcannon is-

Andy: Five letter word for accident prone? Art: Marty! Andy: It fits! Marty: Wait, what? (Meme made by @martymycfly)

And: Hey, do you think I could fit fifteen marshmallows into my mouth? Charley: You're a hazard to society. Art: And a coward. Do twenty

Elliott: You can't say Chiweenie without smiling. Marty and Andy: Challenge accepted! *five minutes later* Art: Why are Marty and Andy aggressivly shouting "chiweenie"? Elliott: I don't know *innocence* (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Akani: Did you just refer to a knife as a people-opener? Rommie: Should I not have?

Marty: Did you guys know you're a fandom? Art: Really? Andy: What's a fandom? (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Ramona: You shouldn't be using a straw Andy: Yeah, I know, it's bad for the environment Ramona: What? No. It's just a weird way to eat spaghetti

Art: The first word that comes to your head when you think 'stupid'. Elliott: Andy. Avie: Andy. Andy: Marty. Marty: Hey wait a second! (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Andy: It's illegal to be better looking than me Elliott: Well guys, it looks like we're all going to jail

Andy: *over the computer* You like me, admit it. Marty: *over computer* My internet and patience say otherwise. (Meme made by @martymycfly)

Ramona: I believe you said that your childhood expierence was satisfactory? Art: No, you misheard me. I said it was a "sadness factory"

Andy at Art's funeral: We lost a brave, wonderful, incredibly good looking, and smart person today Andy: Just kidding I'm not dead yet

Rommie: Good responses for being stabbed with a knife? Elliott: "Rude." Andy: "Not again." Art: "Are you going to want this back?"

Marty: Hey Andy, on a scale from 1-10, what's your favorite color of the alphabet? Andy, without looking up from their phone: Canada Charley: What even-

Elliott: Stop it! Do you want me to never talk to you again? Andy: Art: Elliott: ....What? Andy: Hang on, we're considering

Art: I wish I was a dinosaur. Avie: Why? Cause they're big and scary? Because they're- Art: Because they're all dead.

Rommie: How much for the horse tornado? Elliott: That's a carousel. Rommie: I must have it

Art: You're a lying, cheating piece of garbage! You're not the person I married! Andy: Then we'll get divorced! And I'm taking Rommie! Rommie, slowly sliding the Monopoly board away from them: I think it's time we stop playing now...

Everyone besides Elliott: This is so sad, Alexa play despacito Elliott, an intellectual who doesn't fully understand vines: This is despairing, Alexandra, serenade me the famed Spanish melody

*Fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night* *Everyone rushes in, half asleep* Charley: Is everyone okay? Rommie, what are you- Rome: *holding a lit piece of paper under the fire alarm* Nøw ŧħȺŧ ɇvɇɍɏønɇ's ħɇɍɇ, wħø fɨnɨsħɇđ mɏ ȼħøȼøłȺŧɇ mɨłꝁ?

Akani: Andy, you lost a lot of blood but I need you to stay awake...uh what's your type? Andy, barely awake: ...of what? Akani: What's your blood type Andy Andy: Oh... Andy: Red

Ramona: We need a distraction Ramona: Are any of you good at jumping up and down and making annoying noises? Andy: *shoves way to the front of the group* Andy: My time has come

Andy: I ate too many magic beans, I can feel the mAGIC coursing through my veins Marty: Andy!?!?!? Ramona: Just ignore them, they ate seven boxes of tic tacs.

Elliott: Why are your shoes wet? Rommie: There was a puddle. Elliott: Why did you step in it? Rommie: It was a puddle.

Charley: I feel sad. Art in one of his rare cute moments: I have emotional jumper cables! I'll boost you. Just attach like so... Charley: This is just a hug. Art: Is it working? Charley: *trying not to smile* Maybe.

I hope you guys enjoyed thos quotes! Again, I'll only do part 5 when I find really good quotes, so I hope at least a couple of these made you laugh! And go check out @martymcfly (aka @inkdragon) they're really amazing :) - Artemis

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