TLF Memes (Part 3)
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You guys asked for it-

TLF Memes (Part 3)

A/N: Alrighty, since I can and no one's gonna stop me, there will be some Dart (Danny x Art) incorrect quotes along with the regular incorrect quotes. Enjoy~

*Art when working with a murder detective* Detective: How did this man drown? Art: He couldn't breathe underwater.

Rommie: Elliott, what's hope? Elliott: The first stage of disappointment.

Danny: Quick, take my hand! Art: *grabs his hand* Now what? Danny: Nothing, I just wanted to hold hands

Andy: Can you guys just TRY to see it from MY perspective? Art: *gets on knees* Elliott: *crouches down* Andy: Andy: I will kill you both in your sleep.

Art: My mind is like an internet browser Charley: Explain Art: 15 tabs are open, 7 of them are frozen, and I don't know where the music is coming from

Andy: It's called fall because everything is falling Andy: Leaves, temperature, bank accounts, grades, self-esteem, etc. Ramona: ...are you okay?

Rowen: Okay Google, how do I get revenge on those who have forsaken me? Google: The best revenge is letting go and living well. Rowen: Rowen: Bing, how do I get-

Akani: When life gives you lemons... Ramona: Say thank you. Rommie: Squeeze them into people's eyes! Andy: Don't read them until you're 18?

Andy: I've been dropping subtle hints that I like him. Andy: *walks over to Art* Andy: I can't stand you.

Charley: Do you ever get that feeling where you look at someone and your heart skips a beat? Art: Charley, that's called arrhythmia Charley: *deep breath* I get that every time I see y- Art: *panicking* Omg Charley, why didn't you tell me before? People die from it! Charley: *face palms* I know you're smart, but-

Art: Danny, it's winter and I'm cold. Give me my sweaters back. Danny: No Art: Then we'll have to cuddle Danny: No Art: Then I'll just freeze to death and it'll be your fault. Danny: K

Art: You know Danny, I'm jealous of you. Danny: What? Why? Art: Your boyfriend is so much better than mine. Danny: Oh. Art: *walks away with a smirk* Danny:... Danny: Wait a second, you're my boyfriend Danny: ARTEMIS COME BACK HERE YOU TURD

Akani: Gotta love knitting needles. I can make a scarf. I can make a hat. I can stab your eyes out. I can make mittens. Elliott: What was that middle part? Akani: I can make a hat

Avie, holding a large box: What would you say if I came back one day with six kittens? Ramona: Ramona: What's in the box? Avie: Ramona: Avie, what's in the box? Avie: I think you know

Elliott: What state do you live in? Charley: Constant anxiety Art: Denial! Rommie: Perfection Andy: Florida-

Art: Okay. Tell me how you introduce yourself and maybe we can give you some tips on how to be more friendly. Andy: *whips out a switchbalde* It's knife to meet you Charley: Okay. So we need to completly start afresh

Art, half awake: Pantaphobia. That's what it's called Danny: W- Art: Not a fear of pants though. I made that mistake too Danny: Art, are you oka- Art: It's a fear of everything Danny: Art: Including pants, I suppose

Andy: I'm cold Elliott: Just like my heart. Andy: Now is not the time to debate which one of us is more dead inside

Person: You're surprisingly mature for a teenager Art: Thanks, it's the trauma

Charley: I have an assignment due tomorrow and I've only written two words Ramona: Charley: My name Ramona: Actually, your name isn't apart of the assignment, so technically, you've written nothing Charley: Wow thanks Ramona that's deeply motivating.

Andy: Breathe if you think I'm cute Elliott: Andy: Elliott: Rommie: Elliott, you're turning blue-

Andy: I bet I could make you say red Charley: Go on Andy: What is the color of the sky? Charley: Blue Andy: Haha, I told you I could get you to say blue! Charley: But you said red Andy: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Charley: F**k

Dany, apologizing: .. .----. -- / ... --- .-. .-. -.-- Art: What's that? Danny: Remorse code Art: I'm even angrier at you now

Rommie: *screams* Andy: *screams louder to establish dominance* Akani: Should we do something? Elliott, observing: No, I want to see who wins

Art: Do you think it's worse to wear a fedora or kill fifteen people? Danny: Yes

Avie: I swear, people get 500 times cuter when they talk about something they're passionate about Avie: Unless it's Hitler Avie: Then it's only nein times cuter Andy: Get out

Charley: People who sleep without socks on make me worry Elliott: People who sleep WITH socks are not to be trusted Art: People who sleep are weird Andy, just trying to fit in: I was a sock once

Ramona, an intellectual: It's unhealthy to eat past 9 pm Andy, eating Lucky Charms at 3 am: Oh man, good thing time is an illusion

Andy: Arty!!! There's a helicopter in the kitchen!!! Art: For the last time, Andy, that's the ceiling fan

Andy: Hold on....I'm having one of those things...a headache with pictures...? Elliott: Oh my god.... Charley: They're having an idea!

Andy: So I have this beautiful rock… Andy: Elliott gave it to me Elliott: I threw it at you Andy: She's such a sweetheart.

Andy: Which country has the most birds? Avie: Portu-geese Charley: Wait Elliott: That’s a language Akani: Portu-gull? Rommie: Nice recovery. Andy: Don’t you mean re-dove-ery? Art: Turkey. How did we miss Turkey?

Danny: You know what I've always wondered? How do tall people actually sleep at night when the blanket can't possibly cover your whole body. Art: Dude, it's four o'clock in the morning. Danny: So you can't sleep, huh? Danny: ...Is it because of the blanket?

Rommie: I grew? I GREW! I’m an inch taller! Andy: Not necessarily. Maybe everything in the world just shrunk an inch. Which means the majestic inchworm is now extinct…

Avie: You’re now one day closer to eating your next plate of nachos. Art: This is the most hopeful thing I’ve ever heard. Charley: What if I die tomorrow and never eat my nachos…? Andy: Then tomorrow is nacho lucky day. Ramona: Get out.

Akani: Let me get this straight- Art: More like let me run this bi you Charley: Let’s see how this pans out Ramona: We should take some time to ace-cess the situation Andy: I’m gay

Charley: Don't you miss the vivid imagination of childhood? Elliott: I never had one Charley: An imagination or a childhood?

Andy: What's your biggest fear? Art: Being forgotten. Andy: That's deep. Andy: Mine is the Kool Aid Man but I feel kinda stupid about it now

I'm almost out of incorrect quotes, but part 4 or no?

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