The Unproclaimed Poet Battle
The Unproclaimed Poet Battle funny stories

goldenphoenix Death doesn't discriminate
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XD this is what happens when you start a conversation with a sleep deprived poet

The Unproclaimed Poet Battle

Hello everyone! Artemis here. So as some of you know, I'm good friends with Ekon (@inkdragon), and my Chromebook isn't allowing me to post the screenshots, but this is an actual conversation that happened in the DMs between us-

Ekon: Besides finals, you doing anything special today?

Me: If I can get my work done on time, Then Chop and I are going to our church tonight ..... Wait, why did that rhyme-

You're a poet And you didn't know it.

I know I'm a poet, But sometimes I don't realize I show it

I suck at poetry and rhymes, I can do it only very few times

Same here my friend, Eventually, my rhyming has to come to an end

Sometimes, I love what I wrote, Other times I want to scream like a goat.

Oh, that's a mood, When I look back at some of my works I don't even have a clue Of what I wrote, especially when I was blue, Some of those sad things I wrote are just downright crude

Okay, you win the unproclaimed poet battle

XD so that's what happened. Hope you guys found that entertaining! - Artemis

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