Someday You'll Love You
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You all are amazing. Don't let anyone tell you differently!

Someday You'll Love You

Someday you'll love you.

From the sparkle in your eye,

To the pitch of your laugh,

Even the color of your hair.

You will love every part,

From every wrinkle,

To every crinkle,

Every part of you.

But they will try to tear you d o w n,

To make you frown,

To make you think you're not worth it.

But you listen to me.

From the way you walk,

To the way you talk,

You will be mocked,

But don't you listen.

From your weight,

To your height,

You are all wonderful to me.

Maybe one day you'll see,

The beauty I see.

The way you were made,

So beautifully.

But until then,

Do not forget,

On how true beauty,

Comes from within.

Every one of you is unique and extraordinary. Don't forget it! If any of you guys have any ideas on what I should write next, please let me know! I'm always open to ideas :) Have an amazing day/night! - Goldenflame

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