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goldenphoenix I will never be good enough.
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Just a few TLF memes for y'all to enjoy :)

More TLF Memes

Andy: Rules are made to be broken Elliott: Rules are made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken. Art: Uh, pinatas? Ramona: Glow sticks Charley: Karate boards Akani: Spaghetti when you have a small pot Andy: Rules

Charley: Going to Plan B? Art: Technically this would be Plan G. Rommie: How many plans do we have? Is there, like, a Plan M? Akani: Yeah, but Andy dies in Plan M. Andy: I like Plan M. Art: Wait, no-

Art: You can never say "bubbles" in a threatening way Andy: ???? *5 minutes later* Charley: Artemis, why is Andy angrily screaming "bubbles" on the roof?

Ramona: I mean, small animals are way more vicious. It's because their anger has less space to be bottled up in. Elliott: That's ridiculous. Give me one example of this. Charley: Spiders. Avie: Wasps. Akani: Terriers. Art: Andy.

Art: Elliott, in your professional opinion, how would I die? Elliott: Murder. Gangland style execution. We'd never find your head. Andy: *silently raises finger in question* Elliott: You slip in a tub.

Ramona: Hey Andy, want to help me with this crossword puzzle? I need a twelve letter word for disappointment. Andy: Artemis Storm. Ramona: *gasps* It fits!

Charley: Sometimes Artemis can be a straight-up dork Andy: *chokes* Charley: What's wrong? Andy: Never thought I'd hear "straight" and "Artemis" in the same sentence.

Akani: Elliott, could you please pick up all of the trash? Elliott: Of course. ------ Akani: ELLIOTT WHAT ARE YOU DOING PUT ANDY DOWN

Akani: There are seven chairs and ten kids. What do you do? Ramona: Have everyone stand Charley: Bring three more chairs Andy: The best seven of the lot can sit down Art and Elliott: Kill three I in trouble? Akani: Take a guess. Andy: No? Akani: Take another guess

Andy: It's really muggy outside Elliott: If I go outside and all of our mugs are on the front lawn, I'm killing you Andy: *sips tea from a bowl*

Andy: Hey, Elliott Elliott: What? Andy: The floor is lava Elliott: *pushes Andy to the floor*

(@em_jay_hyde could this be canon? I could imagine Art and Andy talking about this XD) Art: *sitting and listening to the rain* I like the rain, it's peaceful Andy: It'll help clean up a murder Art: You wouldn't need the rain to clean up after you if you used an icicle as the murder weapon. Ramona: What is wrong with both of you?

Should I make a part 2?

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