Made To Be Loved
Made To Be Loved relationships stories

goldenphoenix 🎶I am inimitable, I am an original🎶
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Just some thoughts I've had

Made To Be Loved

You're made to be loved and not to be abused

You're made to be respected and not to be cheated

You're made to be cherished and not to be defiled

You're made to be appreciated for your commitment and not to be ridiculed

You're made to be comforted and not to be bothered by undeserved stress

You're made to be politely treated and not be emotionally wounded

You're made to be satisfied with all care and affection and not to be frustrated with tension

You're made to dwell in peace with your partner and not to be depressed and shattered

Relationships need regular reminders

Relationships need regular reminders of what you mean to one another

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