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This is chapter 1 of a Harry Potter collab I'm doing with @mere_hufflepuff! We hope you'll enjoy it!

I Will Be There//HP Fanfic

A/N: Just an fyi, this fanfic takes place during the year of the Triwizard Tournament. @mere_hufflepuff's character is in 5th year, while my character is in the same year as Harry Potter's. We hope you'll enjoy chapter 1! - Artemis and Kelsey

Chapter 1 ~ Hogwarts Express

After saying a quick goodbye to his father, Artemis Flame walked to the Hogwarts Express.

He tried to find a compartment to sit in, only to find that they were all full except for one. He sat in the compartment on his own, wishing he had a friend, or at least someone to talk to.

Kelsey quietly walked onto the Hogwarts Express.

Keeping her head down, she looked for a empty compartment, but they were all full of groups of friends.

"God, I can't believe I'm in my 5th year and still haven't made a good friend yet," she thought to herself.

She walked to the back, where in the very back corner a boy was sitting quietly looking out the window, his compartment was empty.

She slid the door open and cleared her throat. "Hey...uhm- can I sit here ? It's just everywhere else is full so-" she said quietly.

Artemis looked up, startled that someone was right at the door.

"Oh, um, sure," he said, surprised, moving his stuff off of the seat(s) so she could sit down. "I'm Artemis by the way," he said, offering her a small smile. "Artemis Flame."

She sat down and sat her suitcase next to her feet on the floor.

She looked at his hand and smiles, putting her hand in his and shaking it once, then letting it go. "Kelsey, Kelsey Ginter. Nice to meet you," she said happily.

If you're reading this, type Expecto Patronum in the comments (I want to see how many people will actually read it to the end.) I know I didn't reveal a lot, and I'm sorry, I promise it gets more exciting, but I felt like it would be too long if I posted the rest of the chapter, so part 2 of chapter 1 will be out soon! ---------------->

Also, go check out Kelsey's (@mere_hufflepuff) page! She writes awesome HP fanfics! --------------------->

I should also mention that this fanfiction collab is based off of a roleplay we're doing, so new chapters will be posted very often. But we hope you guys liked this! It'll get more interesting because we're going to include some s p i c e for y'all.

See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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