I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 5
I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 5 harry potter stories

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I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 5

Previously on I Will Be There:

Previously on I Will Be There: Artemis blushed at the blond-haired male, but replied, "I-I think my father said something about the Triwizard Tournament..."

Chapter 4 ~ Triwizard Tournament

Kelsey looked between Draco and Artemis. She observed how Artemis blushed when he spoke.

"Oh- that sounds like a blast," she said as she collected food onto her plate and bite into a yellow-colored apple.

Barnaby slowly hopped his way onto Pansy's hand and rubbed his beak against her cheek, in a way of showing affection.

"I wonder whos gonna be in it," Kelsey said as she chomped on her apple.

Pansy grinned at the owl while Draco shrugged.

The voices in the Great Hall grew silent and Artemis glanced up to see Dumbledore about to speak.

Kelsey watched Dumbledore quietly as he made his routine beginning of the year speech, although this time he incorporated information about the Triwizard Tournament.

When he was done, Kelsey leaned over to Artemis.

"Who do you think is gonna be in the Tournament?" she asked the taller boy curiously while watching Pansy pet Barnaby as he whizzed around her from one of her shoulders to the other.

Artemis shrugged his shoulders. "I'm not sure...I'm kind of hoping I could be in it," he admitted.

Orion chuckled, but to anyone else, it sounded like the snake was coughing weirdly.

"I'm kind of excited to meet the other schools though," Artemis continued, ignoring his snake.

"But only people 17 and older can be in it," Kelsey said to Artemis.

"However, if you really want to get in, I have a way of sneaking your way into the Goblet of Fire," she added quietly so only Artemis could hear.

Orion looked up, intrigued, and so did Artemis. His electric golden-blue eyes were full of determination and were completely focused on her as he quietly asked,


If you're reading this then type Crucio in the comments (I want to see how many people will actually read it to the end) and I'm sorry for making you guys wait a week for this! My state's been having power outages, so it's been a bit difficult to get on here sometimes. But I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! ------------------------------->

Also, go follow Kelsey aka @mere_hufflepuff! She's awesome, and half of this fanfic wouldn't have been possible without her --------------------------------->

I'll try to get Chapter 5 out in the next couple of days, but that's all for now! See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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