I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 4
I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 4 harry potter stories

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I Will Be There//HP Fanfic Part 4

Previously on I Will Be There:

Previously on I Will Be There: "Oh ok," Artemis said in relief. The two of them reached the gates of the school and Artemis saw... (A/N: I was sirius, you guys are going to be very disappointed at what Artemis saw, the last chapter wasn't supposed to be a cliffhanger, I was just messing with y'all)

Chapter 3 ~ The Slytherpuff Truce

The two of them reached the gates of the school and Artemis saw

The two of them reached the gates of the school and Artemis saw Blaise, one of his friends, come up to them both.

"Hey Art," Blaise smirked, giving the tall teen a quick side-hug. "Who's your new friend?" The other Slytherin boy asked, looking at Kelsey.

Kelsey stuck her hand out towards Blaise. "I'm Kelsey Ginter." She said, smiling widely at the stranger.

"Nice to meet you, Kelsey," Blaise grinned. "What year are you in?" he asked her as they all walked inside of the school and towards the Great Hall.

Kelsey looked at Blaise as he spoke and responded "5th year. Though I know I'm so short I look like a 2nd year," she added.

"I thought you were a 4th year if I'm being honest," Blaise admitted. "Do you want to sit with us for the feast?" Blaise offered.

Artemis didn't know why Blaise was being so nice, but he shrugged it off.

"Uhm Artemis and I were already planning on sitting together anyways." Kelsey said suspiciously.

'Another nice Slytherin? Impossible.' She thought to herself, looking at Blaise. Kelsey smiled, "But yeah, I wouldn't mind sitting with you guys."

'Remember the agreement?' Orion reminded Artemis. Artemis' eyes widened as he remembered.

A few years ago, when Artemis was still a 1st year, the 7ths years from both Hufflepuff and Slytherin made a secret agreement/truce; both Houses would always be helpful and friendly to the other House.

Artemis never understood why they did the agreement, but he didn't mind. "Cool!" Blaise said as they all entered the Great Hall.

Artemis blushed when he saw Draco was sitting near the spot Artemis always sat in, but he didn't say anything.

Kelsey quietly followed Artemis and Blaise, sitting down next to them quietly, she wasn't used to being at another houses table.

She had to admit she was really nervous, she always was around new people. She just hoped no one else noticed, as long as she had a view of Artemis, she was fine.

She was a chaotic, awkward mess around everyone except Artemis. She seemed to be calm and collected around him for some reason.

"Guys, this is Kelsey, my friend," Artemis introduced her. Pansy waved at Kelsey. "You're a Hufflepuff, right?" she asked. "Because if you're not, then you have to leave. Only Slytherins and Hufflepuffs are allowed here."

"Y-yeah I'm a Hufflepuff." Kelsey said nervously, waving back at Pansy. "Nice to meet you all," she squeaked out.

Barnaby floated down to her shoulder and rested there hooting in her ear, Kelsey heard and glared at him, his giant golden yellow eyes fixed upon hers.

Pansy smiled before setting her eyes on Kelsey's owl. "Ooo he's so pretty! Could I pet him?" Pansy asked.

'Girls and their obsession with owls,' Orion said, rolling his eyes. 'It's annoying, honestly.'

"Yeah, sure," Kelsey said, scooping Barnaby into her hand and sticking her hand out towards Pansy.

Barnaby gave Kelsey a look of hatred. "Just be careful, he likes to peck," Kelsey said to Pansy as Barnaby lightly pecked Pansy's hand.

Pansy winced slightly but gently petted him anyway.

"Did you guys hear what's happening at Hogwarts this year?" Draco asked, glancing at the group.

Artemis blushed at the blond-haired male, but replied, "I-I think my father said something about the Triwizard Tournament..."

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Chapter 4 will be out soon, but that's all for now! See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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