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I have an idea...that's probably a bad thing-

I Have An Idea

Hello everyone, Artemis here! So as most of you know, I don't sleep a lot, so today my sleep-deprived mind got an idea. Well, this idea came from @ink_monster and @notanauthor, but still.

Anyway, I was wanting to make a new story...but instead of using OC's, I was wanting to use actual Commafulians instead.

So just hear me out, but I was thinking of doing a fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons thing (yes, I play D&D. Well, I used to before this pandemic came-) And I was going to have around 8 or more people in it.

This is basically a first come first serve type of thing, so if you want to be in it, then just say so in the comments! B U T Before you do that, here are the roles you can choose from: (Even though some of the roles are taken, just DM me a new role and I'll do my best to put you in the story!)

1) The Main Character Description: You'll be the one that the story's mainly about. I'm giving you a fair warning though, I make the main characters of my stories go through hell (not literally...most of the time) so just be aware that you won't be the most mentally ok person in this story EDIT: @chopsui has taken this role

2) The Best Friend Description: You're the supportive, underrated friend that everyone loves, and the Main Character's sidekick/partner in crime EDIT: @shifa_ta has taken this role

3) The Charismatic One Description: You have a charming personality and you haven't done anything wrong (yet) but the Main Character has their doubts about you. There's a 50/50 chance that you'll betray the group and let them die, or betray the group but then save them. Either way, you're bound to betray someone at some point EDIT: @ariannarose995 has taken this role

4) The (Misunderstood?) Villain Description: You're evil and trying to kill the Main Character. Of course, there's more to it, but that's just the basic description EDIT: @that_bi_potato2 has taken this role

5) The Smart One Description: You stop everyone in the group from doing something extremely stupid EDIT: @wafflecatz has taken this role

6) The Magician Description: Everyone's going to be a magical creature or have powers of some kind, but the Magician is an expert on all types of magic. You're very powerful, but even you don't know where your loyalties lie; with your friends, or with the Crown? EDIT: @elleseng has taken this role

7) The Runaway Royal Description: You're a member of the royal family, but once you become ignored for the final time, you decide to run away. Looking for an adventure you hide the fact that you're royalty, and you join the Main Character on their quest EDIT: @twilightqueen17 has taken this role

8) The Guard Description: You're the Runaway Royal's best friend, but also their protector. You run away with the royal and tag along with the Main Character's group EDIT: @newtella0412 has taken this role

9) The Apprentice Description: You're the apprentice of the Royal sorcerer, but once you find out the true intentions of the Royals, then you escape. You meet the Main Character and help them out on their journey. EDIT: @goldenflame has taken this role

10) The Archer Description: You're the best bounty hunter in all of the land, and you've been hired by an unknown sponsor to kill a group of people who seemingly came out of nowhere. You're being paid good money to finish this, but once you actually get to know the group, do you still want to get the job done? EDIT: @alostwriter has taken this role

Extra Roles/Cameos: - The King and Queen (you'll just have your names be here, for example, the king is called King Artemis instead of just being the King) - The Prophet (you give the Main Character's group their prophecy) - Captain of the Royal Guard (the name itself is self-explanatory) EDIT: @thelonerwolfy has taken this role

- Helpful Servant (you help the Main Group escape from a bad situation) EDIT: @yingplays has taken this role *I'll add more roles here as needed, and if you want a role but the others are filled up, then I'll try to add you in :)

So in the comments, just say the name you'd like to go by, your pronouns, looks (eye color, hair color, and other details), and of course, the role you'd like to be. If you have any questions (like about the storyline or anything), then just DM me! I hope you guys like this idea, and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Until then, I'll see you guys later! Bye! - Artemis

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