He's Really Gone
He's Really Gone @astralphoenix stories

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@astralphoenix is gone for good...

He's Really Gone

Ok, so as most of you know, Hermes (@astralphoenix) is gone. He even changed his username. He may have left, but that doesn't mean we should forget him. He was one of the greatest creators to have ever existed on Commaful, and I wanted to do something in memory of him.

I was going to change my username. I want to do it in honor of him, and so at least I can have it as a reminder that he was the person who helped me become who I am today. So if you see my profile picture but with the username @astralflame or @goldenphoenix (you can pick which one you like best) then it's because I'm doing it to remember him

I just wanted to let you guys know this so you don't freak out when you see one of those two username options instead of @goldenflame. So you can pick which one you like the best if you want, but that's all for now - Artemis

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