Golden Interviews! Part 4
Golden Interviews! Part 4 golden interviews stories

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Episode 4 of Golden Interviews!

Golden Interviews! Part 4

Why is it so dark on here? I knew I shouldn't have turned off the lights after the last interview... hang on folks, this might take a second

I think the light switch is right here...

AH! That's way too bright! I can't even see my microphone!

There, that's much better. I really need a cameraman or someone like that...

Um, are you ok?

Absolutely not! But that's not important, let's get to the interview now, shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen (and nonbinary friends) welcome back to the 4th episode of Golden Interviews! I'm your host, Artemis, and today I'm here with a very talented writer who has an impressive amount of 800 followers....please give a warm welcome to @elleseng!!!

Welcome to Golden Interviews! Can you please tell everyone what your name is?

Hi, glad to be here! Call me Elliott.

Thanks for joining us today Elliott! I'm curious, but what inspired you to make your show Weird Questions?

I was inspired by @astralphoenix's interviews and 'Weird Questions' was the first thing that popped into my head! I wanted to do something different and original.

From there, everything else kind of fell into place!

Well, it definitely worked out well! Weird Questions is one of my favorite interview series here! And speaking of weird questions, would it be alright if I asked you one?

Aww thanks! And sure, go ahead!

If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or the soap dirty?

Well, the soap is dirty and the floor is now soapified (slipping hazard)

Can't argue with that logic. What's your favorite movie?

Oh that’s really hard ummm hold on a sec




It’s a three-way tie between Oceans 8, Princess Bride, and Big Hero 6


You just named 3 of my favorite movies!! Are you a mind reader or something?!

Wait seriously?!

Yes! All 3 of those movies are amazing! I've never had a mind reader on my show before, but this is really cool!

Haha a lot of people think that I’m psychic actually

I wouldn't be surprised if you are! I've honestly never met anyone else who loves Oceans 8, so it's great that you do! But getting back on track, here's a very serious question: Is the 's' or the 'c' silent in the word scent?

When you say the word ‘scent’ , to me it sounds like the s and the c are kind of sharing it but I guess if I had to choose it would be the c

Yeah, I'd probably say the same lol. What is your motivation when it comes to writing?

Ideas and inspiration hit me all the time and so my motivation is probably that I want to turn that inspiration into writing and share it with others

I think that's the best answer to that question I've ever heard! What do you like the most about Commaful?

Most people say it's the friendly community, but I like that everyone belongs and can be whatever they want. There's everything on here from beautiful poetry to funny stories

I like that about Commaful too! Alright, my final question is: do you have any advice for the newbies of Commaful?

Yeah! Everyone has potential! Just because you haven’t been on Commaful as long and don’t have as many followers doesn’t mean that you’re less talented!

That was some incredible advice! And you're a very talented writer. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview!

Thanks for having me! I couldn’t ask for a better interviewer :)

Also, people, please watch Oceans 8, it’s so good

Ocean's 8 and the original Ocean movies are some of the best movies ever made! So watch them...o̯̱̊͊͢r̴̨̦͕̝ ẹ̿͋̒̕l̙͖̑̾ͣs̠҉͍͊ͅẹ̿͋̒̕

Go follow @elleseng! Their poems and stories are amazing! If any of you fellow viewers want to be interviewed, then just DM me! And yes, I know that there are a few people I haven't interviewed yet, but that's because I've been a bit busy so please be patient, everyone on my waitlist will get interviewed soon :)

But that's all for now! See you guys next time, and stay tuned for the next Golden Interview! (Where I'll hopefully have a cameraman or someone like that by then) - Artemis

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