Funny Things My Friends and I Have Said-
Funny Things My Friends and I Have Said- quotes stories

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Hilarious and weird things that my friends and I have said! Hope you like them!

Funny Things My Friends and I Have Said-

"I enjoy the tears of children."

*All of us chanting and circling around the campfire* "I hate rabbits"

"It feels so squishy!"

"Dude, I'm full of water"

"It only gets yelled at when it doesn't listen"

*One of my friends trying to step into a fire pit that still has a fire going in it* "Send me back to the fiery pit that I came from"

"Get deaded."

"Come here tiny sugar demon!"

"We're not all sweaty try-hards like you!" "I'm sweaty, but not a try-hard." (This was a conversation between two of my friends playing foosball-)

*going to an ice cream place* "Give me the fresh children to feast upon"

"Roses are red I really need some coffee It's only considered murder If they find the body"

If you guys liked those quotes, then I'll stalk my friends more often so I can hear them say more funny things! But that's all for now. Bye! - Artemis

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