Feathered Serpent - Chapter IV: Friend or Foe?
Feathered Serpent - Chapter IV: Friend or Foe? sherlock holmes stories

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Chapter 4 of Feathered Serpent! Things start to get interesting in this chapter :)

Feathered Serpent - Chapter IV: Friend or Foe?

After her father stormed out of the room, Skylar Holmes finally allowed a single tear to quietly slide down her cheek.

Never, in the 17 years that Sherlock had raised her, had he snapped like that at his daughter.

Thousands of questions swarmed around the young prodigy’s mind, but they disappeared back into the tornado of thoughts as soon as they appeared. The only one that seemed to linger longer than the others was, Why?

Why was her father so secretive about his wife?

Why was her father so secretive about his wife? Why did it make him angry?

Why was her father so secretive about his wife? Why did it make him angry? And the question that kept surfacing more than the other ones: Why was Sherlock keeping secrets about Katherine in the first place?

Skylar glanced over to the computer that was in Sherlock’s room and got an idea. She sat down on his chair and powered up the electronic device. She typed in her father’s password and went to the Internet.

She went to an incognito tab, wary about what Sherlock’s reaction would be if he saw what she had looked up on his search history. When she got to the slightly darker tab window, her fingers hesitated for a moment over the keyboard before she typed in her mother’s name.

When she clicked enter, the computer did something unexpected. The entire screen went pure white.

Skylar panicked for a second, wondering if her father had tagged the name Katherine Elizabeth Holmes so that the computer would automatically start behaving weirdly so his daughter wouldn’t be able to look up her dead mom.

But then black bolded words started appearing, almost as if they were being typed out at that moment.

Skylar’s heart started racing. John had once told her that Sherlock had gotten messages like this, but having the same thing happen to her was kind of exciting… and disturbing. Who was this person? More words appeared on the otherwise blank white screen.

(A/N: Sorry if the words were too small, if you couldn't read it then it said: If you want to know more about your mother, meet me at St James’s Park in 10 minutes. Okay, back to the story-)

After that last sentence was written, the computer glitched slightly before going back to a normal incognito tab once more.

Skylar knew that most parents advised their children to report to the police if something like this happened, and there was also the obvious possibility that this was all a trap.

'But that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it?' Skylar questioned herself. 'Taking risks?'

She knew her father wouldn’t agree with that philosophy about this, but she already made up her mind. They say that second chances are hard to come by, but very few people understand that first chances are rare too. Who knows when Skylar would have another opportunity to find out more about her mother?

The young Holmes walked over to Sherlock’s window and quietly pushed it open. Normally, she wouldn’t have thought of doing a two-story jump, but there was an oak tree right next to the window for her to jump on instead.

Once she climbed down the tree, Skylar Holmes quickly powered off her phone in case Sherlock noticed she was missing and disappeared into the alleyways of London.


The sun was setting behind her when Skylar got to the park with 3 minutes left to spare. Skylar decided to wait in the shadows of a nearby tree for the mystery person.

While she leaned against the sturdy bark, Skylar’s mind started to wander. Who was this person? How did they know her mother? How did they know Skylar?

The sound of a twig snapping behind her shook her from her thoughts. She whirled around, and…

And for the first time in her life, Skylar Holmes was rendered speechless.

The person in front of her was a boy, around her age, who had intense forest green eyes, tan-ish skin, and chocolate brown hair. He was wearing a black suit, and had a mischievous grin that would make teachers take one look at him, say “Don’t even think about it!” and plop him in the front row.

But it wasn’t the fact that he looked insanely attractive and professional that made words fail Skylar.

It was the fact that she couldn’t read him.

Just like her father, Skylar Holmes could read a person like a book just by glancing at them. There were very rare occasions where they got a fact wrong (such as the instance when Sherlock thought that Harry was John’s brother instead of his sister) but they were so minor that the mistakes were hardly noticeable.

Skylar knew that when a Holmes didn’t know anything about a person, then this wouldn’t be the first or last time they run into the same person again.

Skylar kept her expression calm, almost uninterested.

“How can someone your age have possibly known my mother?” She questioned, restraining herself from sounding too curious.

The boy chuckled. “I personally did not know your mother. In my message, I said that I would help you find information about her.”

He had a British accent, and since they were in England, that didn’t help Skylar find out more about this mysterious teenager. All she knew now was that he wasn’t an immigrant.

“That isn’t exactly what you said,” Skylar pointed out. “But I suppose it’s close enough.”

He gave her a charming smile, and Skylar struggled to keep the blush from showing on her face.

“How was meeting here going to help me know more about my mother? Was this place sentimental to her?” Skylar asked, attempting to distract herself from how she was feeling.

“As I’ve stated before, I never knew her, so I wouldn’t know anything about her,” the teen male shrugged. “I just chose this place so we could have the opportunity to meet.”

He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to her. “This is my number if you ever want to meet with me again. I know we just met, but I’ll do everything I can to help you uncover the secrets that your father has been keeping from you.”

Skylar took the piece of paper. The boy nodded at her in goodbye, and started to walk away.

“Wait!” she called after him, finally getting over her initial shock. “I didn’t catch your name.” The green eyed male turned back around and gave her a wide grin, showing off his pure white teeth. “I didn’t throw it.”

Once he actually left, Skylar couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face.

Whether he was a friend or foe, the detective’s daughter looked forward to their next meeting.

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