Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 17
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 17 heroes+of+olympus stories

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Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 17

Artemis: Hello everyone! It's me, Artemis! That's my actual name, but you can still call me Goldenflame if you like! But welcome back to a brand new episode of Ask the 7!

Nico: I'm surprised that the actual goddess Artemis hasn't murdered you yet for having her name

Artemis: She would have killed me if I was fully male. but since I'm genderfluid, she's fine with it.

Nico: Cool

Artemis: I thought so :) Anyway! Here are the questions! @girlonfire asked: Hey, question for Nico have you ever thought about killing the seven and then controlling them while they're dead.

Leo: You have an awesome username

Nico: Shut up Valdez, this isn't your question. And yes, I have.

Jason: What!? C'mon man, I thought I was your friend!

Nico: I said I thought about it. I never said I was going to do it...yet...

The 7:

Artemis: You gotta love the power of the word 'yet'. Oh, and Ria wanted to say this: ....please dont kill me im a vegetarian *braces myself for the attacks*

Leo: I'm disappointed that you don't want to eat chicken nuggets because you're a vegetarian, and under normal circumstances I would kill you for this, but Artemis feels very strongly against me killing their friends, so you get to live

Piper: At least I'm not the only vegetarian here :)

Percy: I never understood why people become vegetarian

Piper: We don't want to be responsible for any more deaths.

Percy:...fair enough. Is there anything else Ria said?

Artemis: Yeah! She also said: oh and id LOVE to plan Brason's wedding!!

Jason: *sighs* You know what? Fine, do one, I don't care anymore


Jason: *deep sighs*

Artemis: I would ship Brason, but I feel really bad for Jason-

Leo: Oh no

Artemis: What?

Annabeth: You just rhymed.

Artemis: So? I'm a child of Apollo

Percy: Have you heard your dad make haikus?

Artemis: Just because my dad's poetry is...questionable, doesn't mean mine is! I have a LOT of good poetry!

Nico: And to be fair guys, Artemis doesn't do haikus, they only do poetry that's long, deep, dark, depressing, and involves rhyming couplets

Artemis: Exactly! Thank you Nico! Now, let's get on with the questions! We have a lot of them today. @calliopethemuse asks: My question is if the demigods could have a different godly parent who would it be?

Percy: Hestia

Jason: Hestia

Annabeth: Hestia

Piper: Hestia

Hazel: Hecate or Hestia

Leo: Hestia

Frank: Apollo or Hestia

Nico: Hestia

Artemis: Um, you guys do realize that Hestia is a virgin goddess-

The 7 + Nico: H E S T I A

Artemis:...o-ok then...moving on... @autumnleaves asked: Question for everybody: What's the most embarrassing thing your godly parent has ever done in your experience? (and gods, you can't kill them)

Nico: My dad keeps making Solangelo noises in public...that's really embarrassing

Frank: Solangelo noises?

Nico: It's when a person, or in this instance a god, screeches Solangelo, but it sounds disoriented, higher-pitched, and weird.

Piper: My mom does that too

Frank: My dad got Hazel's name wrong (again) in front of her, and it was probably the most embarrassing day of my life...

Hazel: My dad doesn't really talk to me that much, so I haven't seen him do anything embarrassing yet

Annabeth: My mom keeps ranting about how she doesn't want me dating anyone with an IQ of a rock

Percy: Does she mean me? Because the last time I heard her say something like that, she said I had an IQof at least 70

Annabeth: She keeps changing what your IQ is on a daily basis. She was in a good mood when she told you that you had at least a 70

Percy: Oh...

Jason: My dad keeps fanboying over Power Puff Girls (reference to the Ask the Gods series) and it's really depressing to see him try and fail to get me interested in it

Leo: My dad tried to do Tik Tok dances in eyes can't unsee what they have seen...

Artemis: *is laughing a lot harder than humanly possible* Poor Leo. Anyways, here's the next question from @useranonymous! QUESTION FOR PERCY!! If you could have any weapon, ever, that isn't riptide... what would it be?

Percy: Riptide.

Annabeth: Percy, that wasn't the question-

Percy: Riptide.

Annabeth: Do you need me to read the question for you? It says-


Leo:...did you just call Riptide a girl?

Annabeth: My cousin has a talking sword named Jack, and that's how we found out that Riptide was actually a girl.

Leo: I'm just going to pretend that I understood that

Artemis: That's what all of us have been doing. Next question! QUESTION FOR FRANK!! Does it hurt when you transform

Frank: It depends on the type of animal. If it's something small like a dog or a cat, then I'm fine. But if it's something like an abnormally sized eagle or a dragon, then it feels like I'm benchpressing over a thousand pounds and I can't keep that form for long. I hope that helped answer your question

Artemis: He's sounding like a child of Athena... here's a question for Hazel! QUESTION FOR HAZEL!! Pluto or Hades?

Hazel: Hades.

Nico: Really?

Hazel: Pluto was the one who abandoned me all those years ago. Hades seems to be an actually decent father

Nico:...*hugs Hazel*

Artemis: *loving the sibling bonding moment* I wish I had a sibling that cared for me like that...but here's the last question from @useranonymous! QUESTION FOR EVERYONE!! Movie or book?

Annabeth: Book. The book is always better than the movie.

Leo: I'd say the movie, only because my dyslexia makes it hard to read

Percy, Jason, Piper, Hazel, and Nico: Same

Frank: The books are usually better, but I enjoy watching movies too

Artemis: I agree with Frank. Here are some questions from @silverlilly! 1) Nico and Will: who asked who out/ who came out to the other first

Will: Nico came out first

Jason: *surprised Pikachu face*

Will: It was when we were in the infirmary after a battle, and he said he was gay

Nico: No, I had a gay panic attack and said gay-briel. I came out to you unintentionally. And Will was the one who asked me out

Piper: Awww

Leo: Solangelo is the best...besides my relationship with Arty

Artemis: Thanks Leo :3 Next question! 2) other demigods: Are you guys completely straight? If not, what's your sexuality?

Nico: I speak for both me and Will. We are gay.

Hazel: I'm straight, but I do support the LGBTQ community!

Frank: Same as Hazel

Percy: I had a bisexual phase when I was younger, but I think I'm mostly heterosexual now

Piper: Yeah, Annabeth and I had a bisexual phase too

Percy: And how did you know about Annabeth having a bi-phase...?

Piper: We didn't date! We were just talking about when we were younger, and then we both admitted that we liked girls for a while

Jason: I dated a guy once before I got with Piper, so I think I'm still bisexual? I'm not sure, I haven't really thought about my sexuality

Leo: I'm sexually attracted to pans

Artemis: Leo, just because you're pansexual doesn't mean you go around saying it like that-

Leo: But you're the most charming pan I've ever met ;)

Artemis:...that was the weirdest flirtatious comment I've ever received, but I'll take it! And today we're going to have a special guest, who also happens to be my best friend ever, Alex Fierro!

Alex: I'm here, I'm queer, and ready to answer questions

Nico: I like this human

Alex: Nice to see you again di Angelo

Leo: I feel like you stole that line from Artemis-

Alex: Shut up dwarf, I'm allowed to say what I want

Nico: I don't think I'll ever get used to how amazingly sarcastic you can be, Fierro

Artemis: Glad to have you here Alex :) @crybabydeh123 has some questions for you! For Alex (Fierro) 1) What color does he/she like besides pink and green

Alex: Blue. But only because it's Magnus's (is that you spell it correctly? I don't know lol) favorite color

Percy: Anyone who likes blue is my friend. So, therefore, you're my friend

Leo: I feel like everyone else likes this Alex person except me...

Artemis: *hugs Leo* Here's your next question Alex! 2)What is he/she's sexuality

Alex: That is a good question. But it doesn't have an answer. I honestly don't know what it's called when a genderfluid person likes guys

Will: You're dating someone?

Alex: Yeah, I'm dating Magnus

Piper: *fangirl noises* Solangelo and Fierrochase are both my OTPs!!!

Artemis: Fierrochase is pretty cute. Next question! 3) What is her/his favorite food

Alex: Chocolate and falafel. Oh and marshmallows

Hazel: Marshmallows?

Alex: Neeks introduced me to marshmallows. I owe him for that

Annabeth: How did the two of you meet?

Nico: I was getting Will a 6-month dating anniversary gift, but I ran into Alex and Magnus doing a date, so I ended up being the third wheel. It wasn't a bad experience though

Alex: *chuckles* Magnus got so confused when we started to speak Italian with each other

Annabeth: When'd you learn Italian?

Alex: When I was younger I got bored and happened to stumble upon an Italian dictionary, so I read it. I'm not the best at it, but I try

Nico: I wish that I was actually related to you

Alex: Same here my friend

Artemis: It's cool to see Nico bonding with someone else :) Alex, this is the last question for you! 4) What is her/him fav animal

Alex: It depends on my mood, but I like changing into dogs, big cats, birds of prey-

Frank: You can change into animals too?!

Alex: Yeah...wait, oh my gods you must be a child of Loki too!!!!

Frank: What? No, I'm a son of Mars, the god of war

*after explaining Frank's complicated history-*

Alex: That makes sense and doesn't make sense at the same time

Frank: Yeah, I get that a lot

Artemis: Changing into animals seems like a cool power. Will! You get to answer the last question of this episode :) For Will: Where did he and Nico kiss for the first time?

Will: In the infirmary. I was working a lot, like, I hadn't slept for 3 days straight, and Nico told me to get some sleep. then I started having a minor panic attack and started rambling off all of the reasons why I couldn't go to sleep, and then Nico shut me up with a kiss

All of us: Awwww

Nico: As much as I like the Solangelo attention, I also hate it. Everyone, go fangirl/fanboy over other cute ships, like Percabeth, Fierrochase, and Areo

Leo: Did you just say Oreo?

Nico: No, Areo. Artemis and Leo. Isn't that what you're called?

Artemis: I don't think so... actually, I don't think we have a ship name. Ah well, that's fine. But that concludes the end of Part 17! If you lovely readers have any questions for any of us, then just let us know in the comments! And as always, we'll see you soon. Bye!!!

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