Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 13
Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 13 heroes+of+olympus stories

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Ask the 7! Heroes of Olympus Pt 13

Goldenflame: Leo, we have fangirls

Leo: Is that good or bad?

Goldenflame: I'm not sure...I guess it's good?

Piper: Well you're the new OTP, so it's kind of expected to have fangirls

Goldenflame: Solangelo is always the best OTP no matter what

Leo: That's true

Hazel: Is it just me, or have you both started arguing less and agreeing more?

Leo: Why would I annoy Goldie? They're my better half, my significant other

Goldenflame: Although you can be a significant annoyance...

Nico: I feel for you

Will and Leo: I'm offended

Goldenflame: Yeah, anyway we have more questions to answer! @harmvk4eva asked: Question for Annabeth: How would you design Mount Olympus if you could?

Annabeth: Well, for the throne room of Olympus I was thinking of maybe adding silk tapestries showing the gods in all their glory, and I was thinking of making shrines for all of the minor gods, and maybe add a temple that shows a different symbol of each god every day... I have a lot more ideas for Mount Olympus, but I just wanted to share a few that I had

Goldenflame: If Annabeth recreated Mount Olympus, I would accept immortality in a heartbeat just so I could live there. Nico, this next question is a bit deep, and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to: Question for Nico: Bianca or Will?


Nico: *tearing up* H-how can you expect me to chose between two people that I love?

Will: *rushes over to hug Nico*

Goldenflame: I think Nico needs to be alone for a bit, so I won't bother him with the next questions. @halojones06 askes: Question for everyone (minus percy, because it’s about him. Also, could the gods also answer, please?): what do you like about percy? What do you dislike?

Ares: That little brat? There's nothing to like about him

Athena: If he tries to propose to my daughter, I'll skin him alive

Aphrodite: *fangirl noises* Percabeth!!!!

Piper: Mom, we talked about this... and I think that Percy is a pretty good leader, although he can be oblivious at times

Apollo: He's pretty chill, and he hasn't given me any reason to dislike him

Zeus: I won't forgive him until he tells the truth and says that Jason won that battle.

Hades: Percy comforted my son when he needed it, so he isn't too terrible...

Hera: He's an excellent pawn- I mean, demigod, for quests

Hermes: He's a good kid with a good future ahead of him. Martha and George would probably agree with that too

Poseidon: Percy's my favorite!!! There's nothing bad about him, the other gods are just jealous that their kids aren't as cool as mine

Goldenflame: Before the gods start World War 3, do any of you other demigods want to answer the question?

Annabeth: He's my boyfriend, so he's the best. He can be pretty stubborn and stupid, but he's not dislikable.

Jason: Percy's a great guy and all, but I think he should give other people a chance to lead sometimes

Frank: Percy's like a brother to me, and he hasn't done anything that made me dislike him

Hazel: Same answer as Frank

Leo: He's not as hot as I am, but he's alright

Goldenflame: And here's the next part of that question: Stupidest thing percy’s ever done?

Annabeth: He risked his life countless times

Jason: He thought he could beat me in a battle

Piper: He made a bet with me

Percy: I feel really hurt that you guys don't even have to think about the answers to these questions, you just know...

Goldenflame: Poor Percy. Olympian Gods, you all have a question from @coolcalliope: Question for the godly parents: How do they feel when their kid does something especially stupid?

Athena: I disown them. Simple as that.

Posiedon: Since Percy is technically my only demigod son, and his acts of stupidity save the world... I'd give him a high five

Hades: Honestly? I just sigh and facepalm

Zeus: My kids would never do anything stupid! They're perfect!

Aphrodite: My kids are too pretty to do anything stupid Piper: *inwardly fuming* Clearly she forgot about Drew...

Hermes: I'd probably give my kids a warning and then a pat on the back. It depends on what the stupid thing was

Apollo: I don't really pay attention to my kids, so if they did something really stupid, I wouldn't care. Unless it happens to be a situation where they might destroy the world. It's really annoying when stuff like that happens

The other gods: *nod in agreement*

Goldenflame: Ok, then! @wilddreamer asked: Who is your favorite person in all the 7? (For all of them)

Leo: Leo Valdez is my favorite person out of the 7

Goldenflame: Did you just refer to yourself in the third person?


Hazel: Frank's my favorite

Frank: Hazel's my favorite :3

Percy: Annabeth is the best

Annabeth: He may be a dork sometimes, but Percy's my favorite

Piper: Jason's my favorite

Jason: Piper is my favorite

Goldenflame: Coach Hedge? Who's your favorite out of the 7?

Coach: Pick only one cupcake? Well, alright. Jackson? No. He makes me uncomfortable. Annabeth? No. She also makes me uncomfortable. Piper? No. That charmspeak thing is creepy. Zhang? No. He's Canadian, and that's weird. Hazel? No. She's DATING the Canadian guy. Jason? No. He's blonde. So, that leaves only one. As shocking as it is, my favorite is Valdez.

Leo: Wait, I-I'm actually a favorite?

Goldenflame: Leo, you've always been my favorite <3

Jason: What's wrong with blondes?

Coach: They make me uncomfortable. So do Canadians.

Jason: So, really, half the people on the Argo II make you uncomfortable?

Coach: Yup. Don't judge a satyr.

Goldenflame: Fair enough. @wilddreamer's next question is: Leo, how would YOU propose to Goldenflame! XD

Leo: Uh... well you see, I haven't really thought this through, since, y'know, we started dating literally only a day or two ago, but when I propose to Goldenflame, it will be very unique, creative, and amazing. They'll love it

Goldenflame: *internally screaming when realizing that Leo said 'when' and not 'if'* That's so sweet Repair Boy :)

Nico: I knew Leo was a flirt, but it's really weird seeing him as a romantic

Leo: Oh you're back.

Nico: You sound disappointed

Goldenflame: ANYWAY I think @bookishtween13 is the biggest fangirl of them all (which is totally cool), and don't apologize about the misgendering thing! You could call me an it and I wouldn't care. The first question she asked was: Annabeth, who is your favourite HP character?

Annabeth: Hermione and Luna are my favorites. Also Regulus, Lily, Ginny, Hedwig, Professor McGonagall, Snape, Lupin-

Piper: You're just listing off literally every Harry Potter character, you know that right?

Annabeth: I have multiple favorites! I can't just pick one!

Goldenflame: So to really answer the question, Annabeth doesn't have an actual favorite since they're all her favorites. The next question is: Aaaaand Goldenflame, what do you think are the hogwarts houses for all the demigods ?

Goldenflame: Annabeth is a Ravenclaw, obviously, Jason's a Gryffindor, Frank, and Hazel are Hufflepuffs, Piper is either a Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, Nico is a Slytherin, Leo is a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff, and Percy is definitely a Hufflepuff?

Percy: Why am I in the potato house?!

Annabeth: The what house

Percy: Isn't that what the yellow house is called?!?!

Goldenflame: Percy, it's called Hufflepuff, and I put you there instead of Gryffindor because I think that your fatal flaw defines you, you're too loyal to your friends. Just like a Hufflepuff

Leo: So why did you think I was a Ravenpuff?

Goldenflame: Because you're smart and adorable at the same time

Leo: *blushing* I...uh, no you!

Nico: 'No you?' Isn't that, like, a 2019 thing?

Leo: Shut up di Angelo!

Goldenflame: Alright boys, settle down. We have one more question! OOH and Leo, Goldenflame, can I please plan your wedding???

Leo: Holy gods, Goldie you were right about the fangirls-

Goldenflame: I'd be fine if @bookishtween13 planned our wedding, as long as there is no pink. Like, at all.

Leo: And as long as Nico isn't invited

Nico: Hey!

Goldenflame: Nico WILL come, and you'll suck it up Valdez

Leo: Hmph...fine

Goldenflame: That's the end of episode 13! I know that there were more questions in the comments, but this episode took a bit longer than expected, so Part 14 is basically Part 13 1/2 so we can finish answering the questions that were asked before. But if you have any new questions, always feel free to ask! We love answering them :)

Leo: And as always, we'll see you guys soon. Bye!

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