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goldenphoenix I'm waving through a window.
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Here's another reverse poem for you guys!
Forwards: Pessimistic
Backwards: Optimistic


Life isn't fair.

So one can't always say,

Everything happens for the best.

You never know what may come, but

Expect the worst in life.

Stay positive and never

Having regrets is stupid.

Life will teach hard lessons, but

Sometimes it may get unbearable,

Thinking it's time to quit.

It may sometimes help, to go on

But the utmost truth is,

Life is absolutely cruel, they say.

Now read it backward if you wish to leave this post on an optimistic note (or you can read the next slide, whichever you decide. Why did this all rhyme-)

If you're reading this slide, then either you've read it both ways and are just reading this page because why not, or you're a pessimist who doesn't want to read it backward and see the happy part of the poem. Or you just accidentally clicked to go forward instead of back. I don't know. But if you did read it both ways, then I hope you enjoyed it! See you later Firegolds! - Artemis

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