Agony's Grip
Agony's Grip agony stories

goldenphoenix Death doesn't discriminate
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Agony's Grip

My heart is slowly falling to pieces

Breaking more each day

I don't understand what I did wrong

But something drove you away

It has to be my fault you fled

I guess you have grown tired

Sick of looking at the one thing

You used to above all else desire

It has been a long time coming

Suspected from the very start

That one day you would come to your senses

Pack your bags and depart

The melodic tones of your voice linger

Echoes haunting my head

Silence keeps me up at night

Restless in my empty bed

The beat of my heart is feeble

I wonder if I am dying

Begging for a shred of relief

But the pain keeps amplifying

Losing track of the days passing by

Irrelevant time spins around

The ticks of the hands moving on clocks

Become another meaningless sound

All I can feel is the throbbing ache

Resonating through my heavy heart

Paralyzed by the grip of agony

As my entire world is torn apart

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