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Chapter 6 of the Acquaintances series, the Throne of Glass collab that I'm doing with my friend @chopsui. Enjoy!

Acquaintances (6)

Coralia let out a sigh of relief when Magnar took Cahir away. That girl was starting to get annoying.

“How dare she act like she owns this kingdom?!” Coralia shouted indignantly. “I should have slit her throat the moment she used sarcasm with me!”

“You need to control that temper of yours,” Elder Grace said. “As I said before, her anger and confusion are perfectly reasonable.”

“Why did you even defend her?” Coralia asked, her voice still raised in anger. “She has no place here in Zariya, especially with that attitude-”

“But she’s from Adarlan,” Elder Grace replied calmly. “If we get her to trust us, then she will tell us Adarlan’s secrets.”

“We can do that anyway with our magic-”

“You and I both know full well that doing that will kill her. She seems stubborn and hardheaded, and truth spells only work if you have some sort of bond with the person. Truth magic done on a total stranger will kill them.”

“Is that really a bad thing?” The queen muttered.

“Coralia!” Elder Grace snapped at her. “You are a queen. It’s time you start acting like one.”

The black-haired fae girl huffed but didn’t say anything else about it.

An awkward silence filled the air until Elder Dax asked, “So...what about those black rings?”

“It’s quite obvious that they contain powerful dark magic,” Elder Grace agreed. “Especially if a mortal like Cahir could feel its presence. Didn’t she say something about hosting a prince?”

Elder Thais nodded his head. “I’ve been studying the Dark Arts for years. Some incredibly powerful entities must have taken over Adarlan.”

“That explains why they’ve been acting so hostile,” Coralia said, feeling calmer now. “And that also explains why magic is gone from most parts of the world.”

But there was one question that was nagging the queen of Zariya. Who told Cahir that the fae queen would be able to help her?


Magnar’s POV: For the first time in his life, Magnar wished he was deaf. It would certainly help decrease the immense amount of suffering he was feeling just by being around Cahir and her questions.

“So are you, like, related to giraffes?” Cahir asked, staring up at him as they both walked down the palace hallways. “Or are you a distant relative of giants?”

“If you ask one more pointless question, I will cut out your tongue,” the fae warrior growled at her.

“I’m guessing you’re part giant then since I don’t think giraffes are this grumpy.”

‘Life, when I asked if this day could get any worse, it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge,’ Magnar thought with a deep sigh.

“You can guess all you want, as long as you keep your mouth shut,” he said warily. He was worried about Cora, and now he had to deal with this mortal. The gods clearly hated him today.

Cahir went quiet for a while before asking, “Do you work for Queen Carolina?”

“Her name is Queen Coralia, not Carolina, and I thought I told you to stop asking questions.”

“You said don’t ask pointless questions,” Cahir reminded him. “The one I just asked wasn’t pointless.”

Magnar gave yet another deep sigh. It’s starting to become a bad habit. “I don’t work for her. I work with her. As the queen’s closest Advisor and Captain of the Royal Guard, then it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that I’m friends with Coralia.”

When the fae male mentioned he was part of the Royal Guard, Cahir immediately stood up straighter. Magnar didn’t know if she was trying and failing to look taller than him or trying to stand at attention.

“Are you possessed or something?” Magnar questioned. Cahir shook her head.

“No, it’s just...I’ve always wanted to be in the Royal Guard,” she admitted.

“Well, since you aren’t a Zariyan, you can’t join Her Majesty’s Guard.”

“I meant I wanted to be in the Adarlan Royal Guard,” she amended. “At least I did, until they started talking about me hosting some weird prince.”

Magnar nodded, still concerned by Cahir’s sudden change in mood. Before, she was speaking fluent sarcasm and attitude, but now...she was showing him respect, a word he didn’t realize was in her vocabulary.

“Could you train me?” The mortal suddenly asked.


“You’re the Captain of the Royal Guard. You know how to fight. I want you to teach me,” Cahir said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I don’t believe that’s a good idea-”

Before Magnar could continue, Cahir suddenly tripped over an uneven area of the path, and stumbled into the wall right next to her, which had a bookcase on it.

Instead of the books falling down on her head, however, the bookshelf swung open like a door, revealing a hidden stairway that spiraled down into the darkness.

Magnar tensed up. That was Coralia’s secret room, a place where she kept the most powerful and ancient spell books in the entire world. Only the Elders and him knew about it. And that mischievous and excited grin that Cahir had wasn’t helping the feeling of dread that was starting to form in Magnar’s stomach.

Cahir took a step forward.

“Don’t you dare go in there!” He growled.

“Why not? Are you scared?” She asked, a challenging glint in her eyes. So much for respect. She didn’t wait for a response and started to descend down the stairs.

Magnar let out the world’s largest and colorful string of curses before following her, knowing that if Coralia found out, then they wouldn’t be able to live to see tomorrow.

‘Gods, I don’t know what I did to offend you, but what you’ve made me endur today seems a bit extreme,’ The fae warrior sighed as he was swallowed into the darkness.

Hello! It's Artemis again (I just like this picture so that's why I'm using it lol). I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Chop should be writing chapter 7 soon, so stay tuned!

Oh, and one more thing! Chop and I are doing a combined Q&A! You can ask us both literally anything, about our book, about us (nothing too personal, like our addresses or anything like that). But please, feel free to ask us stuff! We like answering questions :)

But that's it for now! Have a great day/night! (I really need a new and cooler thing to say at the end of my posts, but oh well) - Artemis

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