It´s a storm.
It´s a storm. 
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goldenocean it’s all about perspective
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It’s ok when you pass through a storm once, but what if the storm is part of you

It´s a storm.

You don´t see it´s coming, but you can feel it.

You feel this storm approaching and apparently, this one will be worse than the last.

You feel the air and you feel the way the ground begins to tremble.

It´s getting closer. You lock yourself in a room so the storm cannot get you.

You put your cellphone away, so you´ll not bother anyone with a storm that can´t be seen.

Now it´s here.

Should you tell anyone? Isn´t this a notice people want to know?

“A storm that only happened in one place”

It´s useless. Why would you do that? It´s bothering you. Just you.

After a few minutes of a huge storm, you realize that the room you locked yourself is useless.

Now,it´s inside and you can´t see things clearly.

The ground is not ‘ground’ anymore. It´s meaningless. It´s not holding you

Your phone starts ringing but you can´t move. The ground is shaking in a way you freeze.

You wanna scream for help but no one would ever listen. You’re alone and now the storm is getting bigger.

The air is starting to get heavy. Now, you can´t breathe properly and your heart is getting crazy.

“When is this going to stop?” you wonder. But every time you think about this, the storm gets bigger and bigger.

You start thinking about everyone you love. “Would they still love me if they knew my house attracts storms?”

You remember that yesterday you didn´t enjoy the day properly.

You don´t really know if you´re gonna have another day. Death gets closer every single second.

The storm gets worse.

Now, this storm is taking forever to end. You get angry and start hitting and scratching the ground just to feel something besides anger.

It does not work.

Now you´re removing the hardwood floors. You see water coming out of it, but who really cares? It´s just floor.

The last step of the storm. When all the informations are together in a way you can´t distinguish.

Besides it, now you can move and you go see your cellphone. No messages. No one knows what just happened. They don´t need to.

You call a friend. “Hey can I talk to you?” You really need to. They say it´s fine but they start talking about their sunny days.

You don´t want to ruin this, so you shut up and say “Forget it, it was nothing really important”

“Why don´t they understand? Why didn´t I have a sunny day just like them?” you ask yourself.

You put a song and start cleaning the house. Cleaning the water that came out of the floor.

It´s over for today.

You start preparing yourself to another storm. You know is going to have another one.  

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