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Part 7

New life

Part 7- Bad News

Mia’s POV:

“Mia, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. Jemma was pregnant when she passed. We were unable to save her child.” The doctor says. I had so much weight on my shoulders that it was unreal.

“Thank you for trying ma’am.” I say. I walk back to Dan to find him sleeping. Oh my god… I’m gonna crush him.

Dan’s POV:

I was in a church with Jemma. I realized that it was our wedding day. I reach to touch her face but, she started to back away slowly and then I saw Death taking her away.

I ran as fast as I can but he’s too fast. I woke up to Mia, shaking me and tears streaming down her face.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, hoping that Jemma was okay.

“It’s Jem… She died. They tried to save her but, she slipped away… I’m so sorry. I hate telling you this…” She says, crying. I couldn’t take this. I know she’s not dead. I know this was a joke.

“No…No, no, no… They got it all wrong.” I say, standing up.

“Dan, She’s dead… There’s nothing we can do at this point. You just have to accept it. You can go say good-bye to her.

” She tries to touch me but, I slap her across the face so hard, she fell on the floor.

Mia’s POV:

After I hit the floor, I heard people gasping of shock. I touch my right cheek and felt that it was red. I get up and looked straight into his eyes.

“You know what, I’m done. I stayed with you when Jemma was in the hospital and I helped you through all of this.

I tried to help Jemma and you repay me by slapping me?! Is that how you treat your friends?

!” I yell, “Cause I know for damn sure that I didn’t hurt anybody I loved when I found out that my three-year-old daughter was murdered!” Tears were streaming down my face like a waterfall.

He tried to grab my hand but, I was so sick of his shit.

“M-Mia…I’m sorry.” He says, realizing what he has done.

“What for? You hurt your wife’s bestfriend! You never gave two shits about me and I’ve gone out of my way to try to save Jemma!” I yell. I took Dan’s keys out of his jacket and got into his car.

I saw Dan running toward me but, I drove off.

Dan’s POV:

After Mia yelled at me, I ran after her but she drove off. Well, I’ll get a ride from my brother. I walked back inside and people looked at me like I was an ugly animal.

I went to say good-bye to Jemma. I saw her and I held her hand. I took her rings off and shoved them into my pocket.

“I love you, no matter what happens, Jemma Christine Middleton." I kissed her forehead one last time and then…


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