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New Life

Part5- Who’s Doing This?


Mia’s POV:

As the sun is peeking through the curtains of Dan’s and Jemma’s guest room, I sat there, thinking ‘Why Olivia? Why my little girl?

’ Then, Jemma came bouncing into my room like an Energizer bunny from those stupid commercials that Liv liked.

“Morning sunshine. Why so jumpy this morning?” I ask. Usually, Dan and I have to LITERALLY, and I mean LITERALLY drag her out of bed. She hands me a pregnancy test and it showed positive.

I sat there in shock.

“I’m pregnant!” She says. I hopped out of bed and hugged her.

“Oh my god! Congratulations! Did you tell him?” I ask. I was talking about Dan.

No. I’m gonna surprise him. Tonight.” She says. I push her out the door and said,

“Well, girl go!” I say. She hugs me good-bye and leaves. I look into a full length mirror and I said, “Oh my god, I look like Ariana Grande on all kinds of drugs.”


I was fixing my hair when all of the sudden I heard a large crashing sound. I run out of the bathroom and I went into Dan’s office to see if he was busy. He was asleep on his desktop.

I closed the door, threw on Jem’s Ugg boots and saw what happened outside. Jemma hadn’t even left the block when she crashed. I ran to her as fast as I can but, it felt like slow motion.

I grab her out of the car and she still held her purse. I dragged her to the grass of some couple’s home when the car exploded.

I covered Jem with my body and I looked behind me to see the car go up in flames. I turn my attention back on Jemma and tried to revive her.

“Jemma?! Please wake up!” Her eyes barely open and she says softly,

“T-tell Dan…..I ……Love him” I start crying. The fact that I might lose my best friend after not seeing her for so long, killed me.

“Jemma! Don’t die! Please!” I called 911 and they got here in four minutes.


I sat in the waiting room when Heather and her twin, Noah rushed in.

“Heather, I’m so glad you’re here.” I say, hugging her tightly. I hug Noah and we let go.

“I came as soon as I heard from our neighbor. Does Dan know yet?” Oh my god…I was so wrapped up on Jemma that I completely forgot about him.

“I gotta call him.” I say, about to cry again. I grab my phone and Noah takes it from me and says,

“I’ll do it.” I took my phone back and I walked out with it. I took a big breath and called Dan.

*DM: *Sleepily * Hey Mia, where…did you and Jem go.

*MJ: Dan, Jem crashed and she’s at the hospital. Heather and Noah are here with me.

*DM: Oh my god, I’m on my way!

*MJ: No, Dan wai-

(End call)

I look at my phone and the line was disconnected. I stair at a picture of me, Jem and Dan at ComicCon with loads of other YouTubers and we took a pic with the Incredibles.

I locked my phone and saw a pic of Liv and I having the worst makeovers ever created. I sat down on the concrete and cried. If Jem dies, Dan will never be the same.

My daughter died four months before Jemma. But I didn’t care. Death is death. I just wanted to see my daughter again. To see her big brown eyes, crazy curly brown hair.

To hear her cute little voice. I hugged my knees and sobbed.

Dan’s POV:

I parked my car in the parking lot and hopped out of it. I ran to the front of the building to find Mia on the ground, sobbing. I set my right hand on her right shoulder and said,

“It’ll be alright.”


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