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goldenkisses little bits of my soul
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i felt so broken from such a young age i didn’t understand how to explain it
i felt so broken i thought i was sick
i could feel others pain in search of finding what mine was
i was hurt and i didn’t understand why

every where i turned i felt lost
home never felt like home
my parents didn’t feel like mine
it was dark and i was scared
so i started looking for light

i found light in everyone
no matter how dim i clung tight
the hope that they would light me up just a little
i was so scared of the dark i opened my skin to have a little more light

i didn’t realize the glow i saw wasn’t enough for two
i would suffocate people with my darkness so i wouldn’t be alone
it never worked in the end
we both always ended up burnt out

so i found safety in my darkness
i let my eyes adjust to the depths of black
and i confronted the images hidden there
i realized i had more light than imagined

i am now confronting the light while connecting with the dark
i am exploring the small shadows that are mixed in with light
i am glowing


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