Why We All Write?

Why We All Write?  writing stories

goldenfeather ~A joyful girl living in her dreams~
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Why We All Write?

Now, that's a hard question to answer : 'Why you write?' or 'Why I write?'

Such questions are obviously not easy to answer. It is like, 'Why you breath?' Maybe from your side some of the answers will come: To live. Then again a question will arise:

'Why you live? " And the most simplest answer will be, Because I'm born to live. But such answers are not going to give satisfaction to a curious person (like me...) There can be numerous questions within this statement...

But no worries.... I'm not going to confuse you more. Lol... Let us focus on the main point: Why we write?

Everybody have their own choices, their own purposes, their own matters and a lot.

Some have big dreams of becoming a great writer and some write for money. The most common one is (which I think) that people pursue writing as their hobby or others write because they want to express themselves.

I'm one of them, who have pursued writing as her hobby and write to express her emotions. It's not like that I have a huge dream of becoming a great writer or whatever.

I write just because I love to write. Do you think, this will be the exact explanation of the question: "Why do you write?" Maybe some of you, but I don't think so.

With this answer, again a question will come to my mind: "Why do you love to write?" And the answer.....

With this answer, again a question will come to my mind: "Why do you love to write?" And the answer..... Yeah! I don't know....

Your mind is a kind of vast world and you don't know when a great person will take birth and change this world.

There are some questions, which can't be exactly answered. We can't give a logical explanation of that thing.

The more you dig into a question, it becomes more and more complicated to answer. There can be several people out there, who might not agree with this point.

So, I wanted everyone to try to answer this question that "Why we write?" or "Why I write?" But remember to give an exact explanation which should be logical,

So that a curious person (like me... lol) can't arise any other question from your statement.

It can be kinda hard for some of you, but we are not going to lose anything if we try once.

Maybe, you can answer it and prove me wrong! Tell me down in the comments and the person whose answer will be the best, will get a huge appreciation!!!

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