The Taste of Yours
The Taste of Yours choice stories

goldenfeather ~A joyful girl living in her dreams~
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Have you ever been in a situation where people say that your choice is always bad? Or they reject you because of it?

The Taste of Yours

I was sitting lonely Near my window On a silent night Gazing at the light Of the stars and moon

Cool breeze was blowing

Cool breeze was blowing Signs of rime which was showing.

No One Was Around Me......

Just the Stars which I can see.

I was left alone


Two days, Till now, nobody came to say Hi!

People around used to M O C K at me

Make disgusting faces Whenever they see

Cause for them I have a bad taste for everything They see me as an inferior HUMAN BEING

My taste has always been different from the MAJORITY I kept thinking why no one consider the MINORITY ?????

It doesn't mean you have a bad M O R A L I T Y If your taste is different from the MAJORITY.

No one can tell if your choice is GOOD or BAD There's no need to be sad.

This world is full of different persons, Their choice also differ from one another.

What he think about your taste It depends on the person's morality,

Consider it as a waste

Or find some


Thanks for reading!

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